6 easy tips to keep your house cool

Heat is one thing that the human body cannot resist. With changing environmental conditions the temperatures are on rise and this has lead to increased usage of cooling appliances which will in turn lead to increased electricity bills. Then how to keep house cool without ac and save from these bills and lessen the payment. It is simple follow these easy ways to keep your homes cool and also yourself cool.

Keep open the windows and doors:

Keep the doors and windows open at evenings and nights. This will lighten up the home temperature as cool breeze flows in. Also keep open the closets and cupboards this will allow the heat to escape. Keeping the windows and doors open when it is cold outside will also make your homes cool and save you from electricity bills.

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1) Turn the ceiling fan in reverse:

Do you know that there fans which turn clockwise and anti-clockwise. These kinds of fans can be adjusted according to season. During summers adjust them in such a way that they rotate in anti-clockwise direction with full speed. This will let the hot air present in the rooms reach up the roof and will allow only cool air to circulate in the rooms.  Fix a box fan by facing it towards the outer side of the windows, doing so will remove the hot air from rooms. Keep the exhaust fans on.

2) White roof:

White color will not allow the heat to get into homes according to color theory. This color will reflect away the heat. So paint the terrace and roofs with white paint to beat the heat without much difficulty.

3) Ice cubes:

The best and less costly way of making the homes cool is to use ice cubes in a big open tray. Place this ice filled tray under the fan; keeping tray under fan will cool the hot air present in the rooms. Even pouring water in huge cans and placing in the room corners will also cool up the temperature.

4) Use dehumidifiers:

Humidity ignites temperature. If you can lessen the humidity then all the means and ways you have deployed to lessen the temperature will work well. Buy one best and cheap de-humidifier and install it in your homes then alone use ways to lessen the temperature. Doing so will give effective results.

5) Use white colored curtains and sheet covers:

As said above white color does not absorb heat and it reflects heat so use white color things more in summer. Also keep away from items made of cotton such as cotton pillows and mattresses, in place of them use buckwheat made things. These things are more flexi and also will absorb the heat well. One more thing to follow is to keep away from using sponge pillows and beds.

6) Cooling tiles:

Fixing cooling tiles on walls that reflect the heat is also best way to beat heat. Though this process is bit costly it is permanent solution to beat heat as the tiles have long life.

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