6 easy homemade beauty masks for glowing face

Every girl wishes to get glowing and fair skin, but the stress and pollution can be nightmares for your dreams of getting healthy and supple skin. Pollution and stress makes the skin dry, pale and black. Market is flooded with lot many cosmetic and skin products that boost of giving you the best face. Yes of course they do but with many side effects and heaviness on purse. When this is the case why not search for some other natural alternative to get healthy and radiant skin such as home made skin and face masks. Here are some effective and easy to make homemade face masks that will brighten and lighten up the skin.

1) Lemon and Honey Face Mask:

  • All you need to make this face mask is 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 table spoon of honey and thorough mixing of the two.
  • Apply this mix on cleansed face and even on neck, allow it to stay for fifteen minutes, and clean the mask using either warm or normal water.

2) Gram Flour Face Mask:

  • The ingredients needed to make this mask are two tablespoons full gram flour; small amounts of milk and turmeric powder (a pinch of it). Mix all these and make paste.
  • In case your skin is oily in nature, you need to add few lemon juice drops.
  • Apply this mask on a clean face along with applying on the neck; allow it to stay for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once the mask gets dried up, scrub and clean it off using water.

3) Milk Powder Face Mask:

  • Take milk power, honey lemon juice. All these three ingredients should be taken in one tablespoon each and mixed well together.
  • Apply this mask on a clean face and even neck, allow it to stay for ten minutes, and clean it off afterwards.

4) Lemon Juice and Cucumber Face Mask:

  • Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of cucumber juice and mix both of these well.
  • Apply this mask as usual on neck and face, let it stay for fifteen minutes and clean it off thoroughly.

5) Gram Flour and Tomato Face Mask:

  • All you need to do to make this pack is two to three tablespoons of fresh juice from ripen tomato and gram flour in 2 tablespoons, Mix both of them well and make a thick paste.
  • Apply this paste on the face along with neck; let it stay for fifteen minutes then cleanse it well.

6) Yogurt and Dry Orange Peels:

Orange peels should be dried. Dry them under the natural sunlight. They should be exposed to sunlight till the moisture in them depletes and they turn crispy.

  • Crush dried up orange peels into fine powder. Mix 1 tbsp of unflavored fresh yogurt to one tbsp of powdered orange peels to make it into fine paste.
  • This paste should be used to apply on face and neck, allow it to stay on for nearly fifteen to twenty minutes and cleanse with water.

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