6 Do’s and Don’ts for men‘s 2016 spring fashion

It is spring and it is time for the change and so dear fellow men it is also time for the change in dressing. Here are some tips for you on how should the spring season clothes are. Here we would like to share with you on what not to wear and what clothes to wear in spring for men.

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No to Cargo shorts & Yes to Chino shorts:

It is time for the change as the season says. Now shelf your cargo shorts and unfold chino shorts. Prefer chino shorts above the knee. Every time we hear to let go off cargos we don’t like to hear it but now there is no other way rather than to kick it off as part of spring fashion. The chinos are nothing less to cargos. These slim and not too short shorts can easily mark your distinct style.

No to Boat shoes & Yes to Moccasin-style shoes:

The boat shoes go well for colleges but not for all, particularly in this season. At this time prefer something new and that gives more manly looks and for that, you can prefer moccasin style shoes. Though these shoes are shaped low-profile they shun away frat-boy tag. There are many designs and so you are left with a choice.

No to Graphic tees & Yes to Plain tees:

Are we talking about fashion for school kids and just entered college guys…definitely not and we are talking on men’s fashion tips for spring so graphic T-shirts are also not allowed to men, not only in spring but also on any given day. And also, remember plain regular ones strike more attractive than the graphic ones.

No to Oversize Hoodies & Yes to Denim Jacket:

Hoodies like graphic T-shirts are not good clothing on any day. They are just not even casuals. The baggy and heavy looks kill the gentleman image. Instead, go for some kind of denim jacket that can be worn on shirts, t-shirts or even a sweater for that matter. As per us, a denim jacket is perfect outer shirting.

No to Hippy-typo running shoes & Yes to Plain shoes:

Many of us wear weird colored and oddly shaped running shoes but this spring let us take an oath to be more diplomatic and nothing short of style. Why not try plain colored shoes which are simple yet catch everyone’s eye.

No to Dad jeans & Yes to Slim-fits:

Buying jeans is an art and we will let you say what type to buy. The best bet would be to buy dark-colored slim fits. As they are put to wash the color will fade away and give different look altogether.

So now you know what to wear and how to wear in this spring. Just keep the basics right and you are on right spring fashion for men. And last but not the least don’t go with too many showy shirts, just keep the shirt plain and simple.

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