6 cosmetic plastic surgeries that will give dazzling looks

You need to have good looks along with sharp brains to win this competitive world and this is why they say, ‘’face is the first index of mind.’’ Not only brain and face you also need to be in proper shape and have well-built body that is correct in size and angles then alone you are called as a complete beauty. Not everyone has everything that is mandate for good looks. God has created many of us with some kind of defection or the other and this where you need cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgeries to enhance looks and lessen odd looks. Here we go with different kinds of , most common types of cosmetic surgeries for different beauty problems.

Breast implants:

This is the most popular cosmetic surgery and is done to increase the size of the breasts. Using this breast increasing treatment one can increase the breast size in just one sitting itself. One should go for this treatment after crossing 20 and in case you have less breast size. Note: this cosmetic treatment is only for women.

Photo Credit: www.earthworksforhumanity.org

Reduction mammoplasty:

Though this cosmetic surgery is also done to breasts it is completely different to breast implants. This surgery is directed to reduce the size of the overgrown breasts. This is a bit costly breast surgery but still it gives perfect results.


This surgery is to correct the nose shapes and sizes. There are many kinds of surgeries in this process that address different types of nose problems. It is not done for people aged below 18.

Orthognathic and Genioplasty surgeries:

These two surgeries are done to correct jaw problems. Using these surgeries, the jaw is either brought front or pushed back depending on the need of the patient. These surgeries just change the way the face looks.


This surgery is very useful in bringing back the body’s shape. It makes the body perfect and keeps it in shape. The extra fats accumulated near the waist, stomach, thighs and buttocks are removed to give a person the perfect shape and size.


This is a surgery done in males. It is done to reduce the chest size in men. Due to some kind of hormonal imbalances the chest size grows in some men. This growth of breast is identical to breast size. This oversize of the chest in men is reduced using this surgery. This is done for men who have crossed teenage and have overgrown breasts.

There are also many cosmetic treatments and types of plastic surgeries that enhance looks such as chemical peels and skin polish. These are highly useful in increasing the tone and color of the skin. There are separate treatment processes for different types of skin problems like scars, bruises, moles and so on. Each has their own share of bringing looks to a person.

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