6 compulsory foods to eat if you are a gout patient

Gout, a type of arthritis causes severe joints pain more importantly in toes. It can be controlled to large extent by regular exercise, proper diet and keeping the body hydrated. One of the natural remedies to treat gout is to follow proper diet.

Follow gout diet food list, which will not only cure pain related to gout but will also lead to many health benefits. Here is the food list to eat with gout.

1) Lemon Juice:

Lime juice has many natural compounds which can treat gout symptoms effectively. Research studies have proven that citrus family fruits such as lemons, tangerine, Clementine and oranges assist in dissolving uric acid in the blood as there is high content of citric acid that provides relief from gout. High acid content will induce liver to create calcium carbonate which in turn neutralizes crystals of uric acid. Drink this juice thrice each day for effective results.

2) Apple Cider Vinegar:

When apple can treat gout there should also be no doubts regarding Apple Cider Vinegar’s (ACV) efficacy in treating gout pain. In fact studies say ACV is more effective than the fruit itself in curing gout. ACV has acetic acid that converts alkaline into a pH balanced environment in the body; we need pH balances in the body to stop gout. It might suit some people or might not suit so have pre-check and proceed.

3) Baking Soda:

This is envy to pharmaceutical companies as it has many health benefits and one such benefit lies in treating gout. Alkalization of blood is important to control gout and this is done by sodium bicarbonate. The blood has the capacity to hold higher amounts of uric acid when it is not crystallized. And when crystallization does not take place normally crystal deposition ceases, as baking soda cannot always stop gout attacks. In addition to this in some strange way, the deposited crystals frequently start to dissolve. Dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in some water; this may ease the signs of the situation but you can do this only when you don’t have hypertension.

4) Pineapple:

Any gout meal plans is incomplete without pineapple. This fruit has bromelain, a kind of enzyme which is anti-inflammatory in nature. Thus adding pineapple regularly to food will relieve pain.

5) Grapes:

This vitamin C rich fruit also has high amounts of antioxidants, and as we know we need antioxidants to prevent gout. Grape seeds have a substance known as pycnogenols, which is another kind of antioxidant that fights all kinds of arthritis pain including gout.

6) Ginger:

It has loads of uses and is one of the most popular kitchen medicines in India. Since ages it has been used for many ailments due to its antioxidant and antiseptic nature. As per one clinical research using herbal mix which also includes ginger had anti-inflammatory character when administered to gout patients. Boil tea leaves, little sugar and ginger and drink it daily to relieve gout pains.

Banana and cherry fruits too are good option for gout.

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