6 calming tips for hyperactive children

Parenting is always one thing that every human wish for, but at the same time it can as well be a herculean task, more importantly when your child is overflowing with energy. This can be a matter of joy and worry as hyperactive children are not so easy to control. In case, your little one is fully loaded with energy then here are few tips to deal with hyperactive children.

1. Give Clear Rules:

As a parent, you should set some clear rules for your child to follow and make sure that he/she follows them without any deviance, then alone controlling hyperactive child can be easy. Hyperactive children are liable to be unaware of the results of their acts and behavior. As a parent, it is your responsibility to communicate the results and outcome of their careless acts and deeds. Children learn more by mimicking people near them, so ensure that you and all the members of the family follow appropriate rules so that the children follow them.

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2. Create Routine:

A rigid and well-framed routine lets the right facilitation of hyper energies. Schedule the things according to time and motivate the child to stick to the set timings. Earmark time to eat, rest, study and play. As days pass by, children will get accustomed to the timings and become punctual in their later days. In fact children will get affiliated with timings and as such their body and mind will know the value of sticking to timings. An unclear schedule just creates confusion, thereby making the hyperactive kids more active.

3. Divert The Energies:

Instead of worrying and panicking on child’s hyper activeness, try to divert and make use of it in a proper channel. Give their energies a healthy and proper direction. Tap the child’s interest and inculcate the energies for a proper cause, say for example reading, sports, and music and so on. A proper channelizing of energies will make the child excel in life.

4. Healthy Punishments:

Always remember any harsh punishment given to a hyperactive child will only pave a way for added aggression and reckless behavior. Irrespective of the child’s activeness they are by nature extremely vulnerable. So be cautious when giving punishments. Forceful behavior from your end to deal their hyper activeness will only lead to negative behavior. Instead, be mild and follow mild ways to bring him to control, explain the child in most convincing manner, when this fails alone one should punish the child, that too in a healthy way.

5. Moderate Stimulus:

These children are exceedingly sensitive to exterior stimuli. Bright flashes, heavy sounds, and extensive TV watching can increase their stimulation. The only way out is to preserve and maintain modest influences. Pleasing visuals, mild music, and hands-on actions are good ways to control hyperactive nature.

6. Household Chores:

Many of the parents have the habit of giving free-hand to hyperactive kids for the fear of rebellion. This tendency can only worsen the situation, instead allow the children to take part in daily house chores. This is the easiest way to control hyperactive child.

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