5 ways to increase productivity daily

We wish we could give the best everyday but due to many reasons it doesn’t happen. Being at the height of productivity each day is always an asset and here are few tips to be so. Follow these easy tips to increase daily productivity….

1) Begin the day early every day:

The one common aspect of any highly productive persons is: they wake early and begin the day early. Waking early doesn’t convey to directly get into the business it only means you will begin it meaningfully. Practice yoga, meditation, and reading news paper, all these easy and routine chores will set you for tougher chores that follow in the day. Also stick to regular chores every morning as it will increase creativity, focus, and positive mind.

2) Crack small goals each day:

Set the next day priorities the previous night itself. Let the priorities be based on importance and urgency of the work apart from the point of completion.

If you wish to be more productive and manage time well, break the chores into small targets and get them accomplished, this will give you confidence and make your time more meaningful. Achieving small things will set the platform for higher woks and more importantly once the small goals are achieved you will have much time and peace of mind to do the big chores with confidence.

3) Keep an eye on TIME:

The foremost step for a better time management is to know how you are spending your time. In fact managing tasks is nothing but managing time. Keep on asking yourself  every now and then…am I making use of time properly…are my works getting finished on time….am I running something short…all these regular checks will help you in tracking your time. Check those works that take much of your time but give lesser or no results, leave such works and carry on with them only if you have spare time. Give more time to important and urgent works, this way you will be able to manage time more sensibly and you won’t have time for saying: you lack time so you won’t do it.

4) Inculcate ritualistic habits:

The one way to inculcate any habit in life is ‘’Repetition’’. The more the number of times you repeat a good work…. the more it becomes a custom. Say for example you wake up early, you strictly follow set time and so on, and when these kind of good habits are done repeatedly they become part of daily ritual. When everything is made into ritual you can predict things and so you can work accordingly. But be sure you only do good things repeatedly.

5) Don’t work while stressed out:

The one way to be more productive is to out rightly stop the work when you are tired. Actually working when tired will not only take more time but will also be less productive. Take naps and breaks and get revitalized before you begin again.

Also be focused apart from all the above said things.

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