5 uncommon signs of PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) even known as premenstrual tension (PMT) is a compilation of emotional signs and symptoms, either with or without the presence of physical symptoms associated with menstrual cycle in woman. Cramps, headaches and weight gain, these are all the well known symptoms of Pre menstrual Syndrome, which is generally called as PMS. These premenstrual syndrome symptoms are well known since more than 80 percent of women will have at least one amongst the symptoms mentioned above in their periods, as per the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Did you ever know apart from commonly found symptoms PMS one can as well have many symptoms that are not so common but still can be found in few people. Here is the list of uncommon PMS symptoms.

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1) You are clumsier:

All through the cycle, the hormone levels keep fluctuating more than in normal days. And during the days before the period, the major hormones in the body such as estrogen, testosterone and progesterone hit their lowest levels and rise only slightly as the period begins. And regrettably, small levels of estrogen and testosterone can lead to coordination troubles, which may make women feel a little imbalanced. Small levels of hormones can even make woman in PMS feel a little dizzy, so do not be anxious if you undergo something similar to vertigo symptoms.

2) You cannot sleep all through the nighttime:

Having insomnia symptoms during the periods is neither a matter of concern nor worry as it can be experienced in some women. The culprit to be blamed for this condition is hot flashes and night sweats. The fluctuating hormones can as well lead to nightmares and even increased heartbeat.

3) Suddenly everything begins to hurt:

Everything here does not just confine to breast pain and cramps. One may apart from having these two conditions might even have headaches, muscle and joint pains.  The more embarrassing and funny fact is the breasts might grow in size.

One should also book in advance appointments for threading and waxing at least 2 weeks prior to the period begins as the skin is more sensitive one week before the period. The beauty treatments used in these processes can be worse during this period.

4) You cannot control the bowels:

Are you feeling to visit the bathroom more often when you are ovulating? Well, probably you are. The identical signals which tell the uterus to expel and contract the uterine lining are also the identical signals which might be instructing the bowels to contract and expel too. One more reason is the hormones. As we know progesterone is by nature constipating, and the levels go too low for few days before the period, and naturally you may feel to poop more in period.

5) The eyesight gets worse:

Still there is nothing to worry. The blur vision is normally temporary. One can as well notice that the eyes water more than usual.

Lack of focus and concentration are also high during this time.

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