5 towns where you are paid to live

You will be surprised to know that there are few cities across the globe which pays to stay and meet day to day expenses. Yes you heard it there are cities sprinkled across the globe which one to stay there. These cities provide housing allowances, student loan repayment and tax discounts to encourage people to live in their cities. So in case you aren’t settled down or for that instance searching for a city to live, then here are those cities which you can rely.

1. Niagara Falls in New York

Niagara Falls, a city in Niagara County in the province of New York. As you could have guessed, this is the city that is house to the spectacular falls. Niagara Falls has lower than 50,000 people and is at present trying to show itself as a town for the youth. It is endeavoring to magnetize the youth through many schemes. One of such scheme is annual repays up to $ 3,492 in college expenses for nearly 2 years if you rent or buy a home there. Engrossed to work as a freelancer or consultant? Or for that matter just to be a travel guide then Niagara Falls is the city to dwell.

5 towns where you are paid to live

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2. Harmony in Minnesota

This old-fashioned modest town is residence to Niagara Cave and great Amish inhabitants. Nevertheless, as of 2013, the city was dwelling ground to merely 1,007 people. So the town decided to woo people by providing cash discounts for constructing new house offering nearly $ 12,000 based on the size and cost of the houses.

3. Alaska

The province of Alaska provides yearly oil royalty shares to each Alaskan and it has been offering the incentive since 1976! 25% of the oil revenues of Alaska State have been spent to a fund, which is then devotee in stocks and other resources and the profits are dispersed to the populace every year! $ 1.884 in 2014 was paid to every person in Alaska. Every Alaskan is entitled for a share as long as they are not away from the province for more than 180 days or have not been offender of a crime.

4. Curtis in Nebraska

This small town is giving free material to construct your home. The population of the town is estimated to decrease at a rate of more than 1% per annum over the next coming 5 years. To pull new residents, Curtis is providing free stuff to build your homes. Once you are given the lot, you must begin the building within 6 months and finish it within 2 years.

5. Saskatchewan in Canada

This province in Canada has begun the Graduate Retention Program in an attempt to draw college students and influence them to carry on living there. Saskatchewan provides reimbursement of college tuition payments. To obtain an advantage of this scheme you have to be a fresh graduate and have to file an income tax return in Saskatchewan.

Seems pretty good try your luck of free living in these cities.

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