5 teas that promote weight loss

We know tea is one kind of beverage that refreshes the mind and body and gives a new lease of life. But this is not all what tea can do for you. It can even help you in weight loss and shape your body. Here we go with 5 teas that help you in shedding extra weight and lose calories.

1) Green Tea:

This tea apart from having rich antioxidant levels also boosts the metabolism. Drink green tea before hitting out for workouts. Green tea reduces the fat and drinking it before exercises will be an added advantage. According to a study conducted for 12 weeks, participants who drank 4 to 5 cups of this tea every day along with a 25 minutes workouts shed an average of more than two pounds of weight than those who foregone green tea. The compounds called as catechins in green tea were responsible for this weight loss. These compounds act on adipose tissue by causing the fat release from the fat cells, importantly in the stomach region.

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2) Oolong Tea:

Drinking Oolong tea can easily help you in shedding a pound per week. As per Chinese terminology, Oolong means “black dragon.” It is a kind of light floral tea and same as green tea it even has catechins that assist in weight reduction by increasing the body’s capacity to metabolize lipids (fat). According to a study published in the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, participants who often drank oolong tea shed 6 pounds in six weeks. This means a loss of 1 pound per week.

3) Mint Tea:

This tea is the best slimming tea as it crushes cravings. Drinking peppermint tea can easily help you in loosing those extra weights. According to few studies, even sniffing peppermint every 2 hours can lead to 5 pounds weight loss per month. So,  next time you wish to lose weight either drink mint tea or sniff mint scents.

4) White Tea:

This acts as a blocker to the fat. White tea is naturally dried, mostly in sunlight, thus making it the richest source of antioxidants and least processed among teas. In fact, some studies advocate that it is higher in antioxidant levels in comparison to green tea. These studies say that it is 3 times higher in polyphenols than in green tea. As per studies, white tea is capable of boosting and blocking adipogenesis.

5) Rooibos Tea:

This tea halts hunger. It is prepared from red bush plant’s leaves. This plant is exclusively grown in the region of Cedarberg of South Africa. The tea is good for weight loss since it has a flavonoid known as Aspalathin; this is particularly good to reduce belly fat. As per studies, this flavonoid can lower stress hormones which trigger fat storage and hunger associated with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

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