5 tea recipes to spice up your mood

Are you bored of drinking same tea daily then try these spicy tea recipes that are as equally good as regular teas. Here we go with different types of teas and their preparation method.

1) Lemon tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) Lemon slices from one lemon

2) Sugar 1/3 cup

3) 6 cups of Boiled water

4) 2 pieces of cinnamon

5) 2 tea bags

Preparation method:

Take cinnamon, tea bags, sugar, and lemon slices in a teapot and add boiled water. Allow it to brew for 5 minutes and serve hot. Isn’t it easy to sip hot lemon tea?

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2) Spice tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 4 cups of water

2) 2 kapok buds

3) 2 tablespoons of cardamom powder

4) 2 pieces of Cinnamon

5) 12 cloves

6) Four cups of hot milk

7) 1 tsp of pepper powder

8) 1/4th teaspoon of honey

9) 1 big ginger slice

10) 8 tea bags

11) 2 bay leaves

Preparation method:

Excluding milk and honey boil all of the above ingredients in water for nearly 10 minutes. Add honey and milk, filter it and drink hot. This tea works wonders for cold related infections.

3) Ginger tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 2 cups of ginger

2) 5 to 7 pieces of ginger slices

3) 1 to 2 tsp of honey

4) Squeezed lemon juice from half lemon piece

Preparation method:

Boil ginger slices in water for nearly 10 to 15 minutes and off the burner. Add honey and lemon juice to ginger concoction and serve hot.

4) Chocolate tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 3 tablespoons of tea powder

2) 2 cloves and 8 cardamoms

3) Spice mix powder-½ tea spoon

4) Milk ½ cup

5) 2 teaspoons of coco powder

6) One and half cup of water

7) 1 cinnamon piece

8) 4 spoons of sugar

Preparation method:

Take one and half cup of water in saucepan and boil all the above ingredients excluding milk. Keep stirring in between; boil it for 5 minutes or more till you can sense fragrance. Lower the flames and add milk, again boil for five minutes, strain and drink hot.

5) Cinnamon tea:

Ingredients needed:

1) 1 cinnamon that is 5cm in length

2) 2 cloves

3) 2 tea bags

4) 4 cups of water

5) ¼ cup of orange juice

6) Sugar in required quantities

7) Lemon juice form one lemon

Preparation method:

Add cloves and cinnamon to water and boil well. Add this boiled water to tea bags and brew them for nearly 10 minutes. Strain the decoction and add sugar, orange juice and lemon juice, stir well and garnish with pinch of cinnamon powder and drink.

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