5 tasty Christmas mocktails

It’s festive season…in less than a week we have Christmas mocking at our doorsteps and in less than ten days span we have New Year. So it’s time to invite guests and make them happy. Mere giving of some gifts and drinks at dinner will not make the magic spirit. Here are few mocktail recipes that will thrill the taste buds of your guests. Here we go with Christmas mocktail recipes….

1) Strawberry mocktail:

Ingredients needed:

300 grams of watermelon slices

300 grams of strawberry slices

4 tablespoons of Lemon or orange syrup and

600 milliliters of Ginger ale

How to prepare?

Take all the slices of watermelon and strawberry along with lemon juice or orange juice and blend well in mixer. Once the ingredients are blended well take the juice in a glass and add ginger ale and serve. You can as well garnish with mint leaves if you wish.

2) Cinderella mocktail:

Ingredients needed:

Half liter pineapple juice

Half liter orange juice

Half liter lemon juice

Half liter soda and

Required amounts of Grenadine

How to prepare?

Take equal amounts of pineapple and orange juices along with lemon juice and mix all the juices well. Fill a glass with ice cubes and add soda to it and finally add required amount of grenadine. Mix all the ingredients well and garnish with pineapple slices and sip.

3) Appletini mocktail:

Ingredients needed:

Two green apples

I tablespoon sugar and

Half liter water

How to prepare?

Cut apples into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Boil water till it becomes more than lukewarm and add the hot water to apples in the bowel. Sprinkle sugar and leave it as such till it gets cooled. Once it gets cooled completely strain it and place it in fridge. Take it off once it gets cooled and start sipping. If you wish to sip more chilled add crushed ice and start enjoying the taste.

4) Cardinal punch mocktail:

Ingredients needed:

Half liter cranberry juice

Half liter orange juice

One full cup of lemon juice and

One full cup of ginger ale

How to prepare?

Add ice cubes to punch bowl and also add cranberry, orange, lemon and ginger ale. Mix all of these ingredients well. Once you are sure that they have mixed well take it in a glass and serve. You can as well garnish with fruits if you wish.

5) Mulled Apple Spice:

Ingredients needed:

Few strips of orange peel

One liter apple juice (purely fresh)

2 star anise

One cinnamon stick

Three cloves and

Honey or sugar to taste

How to prepare?

Take a saucepan and heat apple juice on a stove. And add the orange peels, cloves and cinnamon keep heating it in simmer mode for five to ten minutes. Add sugar or honey as you wish to sweeten and sip it till your taste buds are full.

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