5 super foods that are good in quick energy

If you are getting fatigued even after eating bellyful three times a day then you should understand that the food you are eating is not giving you the required amount of energy and nutrients to your body. In such cases here are the foods that give instant energy. Here we go with the foods for instant energy.


Bell peppers are the best to get instant energy and enjoy your day without feeling fatigue. They can be cooked in different forms, but they taste best when you make curry or fry them. Even when you take it in salad form also you can reap instant energy. These not only provide you instant boost up but will also kill your increased appetite. So it is best for people who always feel hungry and have the habit of overeating.

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As known since ages eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is not alone what eating an apple can do for you. Apart from giving you health it even quenches your thirst and decreases your hunger pranks. It comes with this quality because it has all the required amounts of essential nutrients and vitamins needed by the body. It is also rich in fiber and so if you have digestion problems it is the best cure. This easily available fruit can be taken in any part of the day. People have the habit of peeling the skin better don’t do it.


We all know carrot is rich in vitamin A and so is good for eyes’ health but did you know that carrot is also an instant energy giver. It easily wards off hunger. Either small sized or big sized both are equally good in doing the good. These can be added to different salads or can be eaten directly whenever your hunger strikes you.


The best way to begin your day and maintain the energy levels all through the day is to have oatmeal as your breakfast. It’s not we who are saying this, its experts and nutritionists who say this. But stay off from sugar and artificial oat meals present in the market. Prefer to make your own oatmeal. Add capsicum and carrot so that you get instant energy in the correct amounts.


Pineapple is the best food to boost energy. It is fully packed with manganese that is just indispensable for a perfect health. It even has vitamin C that keeps the immunity intact. You can take it as a fruit or as a juice or you can eat with oats. It even gets going with different types of salads.

Keep the list of these best foods for energy in mind to beat your hunger pranks.

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