5 steps for perfect hair spa at home

No matter how much ever pretty face you have and attracting shapes you have if you don’t have hair that turns on attraction then all your looks are nothing. One of the easy ways to get attractive and healthy hair is hair spa treatment. But hair spa treatment is not within reach of everyone as it takes a lot much time and also needs money. Keeping these two big obstacles in mind we are saying you the easiest way to do hair spa at home. Here we go with hair spa treatment at home.

The hair spa steps are 5.

1)    Massage

2)    Steam

3)    Head bath

4)    Conditioning

5)    Hair pack

Now let us see how to do all these five at home without wasting much money and time.

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First of all to give the effect of massage take coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil in equal quantities and heat them mildly. Now using this oil mix, massage the scalp with fingertips. Continue the massage for 15 to 20 minutes. This will lead to free blood circulation in the scalp and strengthen the hair follicle.

Steam and vapor:

Dip a soft velvety towel in lukewarm water and strain the water by squeezing it. Now wrap the head using this towel. See to that the total head is covered with the towel. Let the towel be on the head for 15 to minutes. When you wrap the head with a warm towel the oil that you have applied will effectively reach the hair follicle.

Head bath:

Use a mild natured shampoo or preferably herbal shampoo to wash the hair. Use lukewarm water for washing. If you wish you can allow the steamed hair to stay for overnight and wash the next morning.


Once you have had a good head bath apply a mild conditioner and leave it for 5 minutes. Post 5 minutes wash the hair. If you don’t wish to use artificial conditioners you can make a DIY conditioner by boiling 1 teaspoon of tea leaves in 2 cups of water. Add 2 drops of lemon juice to it and use it as a conditioner.

Hair pack:

This is the final phase in hair spa treatment. Make a pack based on your hair type. If you have dry hair use the egg yolk for pack and if you have oily hair use egg white and in case you have normal hair use the egg totally. Add honey and little coconut oil to the egg. Mash all of them well and apply to hair.

Finally wrap the head in a towel dipped in hot water. Let it stay for 20 minutes and wash using shampoo.

Follow this hair spa treatment procedure at home once in a week for a month for better results.

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