5 search engines other than Google

It’s time to give Google some rest and use these search engines to search your queries. These search engines are none less to Google and also are less time consuming to give you the desired result as they are specifically designed to meet certain type of queries. Here is the list of search engines.

1) Blinkx.com:

In case you are searching for some video, no need to Google it just go to Blinkx.com and get your desired video. This video related search engine also provides ‘categories’ option that makes searching easier.  The category list has popular searches such as politics, sports, science, nature, technology, viral, movies, and celebrity and so on. What all you need to do is just click on the category and search for the video you are looking for.

2) Kidrex.org:

This search engine is considered safest option for kids and is specifically designed for them. Though many search engines are providing filters to block the content that is not good for children they are turning inefficient but this is not the case with Kidrex.org that provides absolutely safe content to children. In any case you feel all these filters are not working keep an eye on children’s surfing.

3) iMedisearch.com:

This search engine has been developed by Google strictly focused on searching medical related information. The one advantage of using this search engine to get medical related information is that all the information displayed is purely authentic and trustworthy. It takes data from only from trusted websites. So, one can easily take the required information from the options available. It also displays content keeping in mind the browser. It has options such as general public, physician, pharmacist, nurse and allied health. So based on the option the information will get displayed.

4) Meta search:

To get better search results searching in one search engine is not advisable. It is better to search in two or three search engines. In any case if you wish to get the relevant information from single search engine prefer using specific search engines designed specifically for it. One can search in Google and Yahoo simultaneously by using dogpile.com. One can as well search for information on Bing, Google and Blekko in a single time. In case you are searching for multimedia the best search would be on search.creative commons.org.

5) Excite:

This is stylized as excite and is also one good search engine launched in 1995. It provides different kinds of contents which also includes internet portal that show weather, news and so on. It has content displayed from 100 sources.

So the next time when you wish to get any specific information hassle free without depending much on Google and try any of the above.

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