5 Reasons why we miss Home Cooked Food

In this world of fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, one is hardly left with the time to eat at home, forget cooking. But we, at the Cyclicx, feel that it’s a habit that needs to return. Why?
Let’s discuss.

1) The Health Factor

No one can beat the assured cleanliness and healthiness that comes with the territory of home-cooked meals. Apart from making use of the best quality oil and washing fruits and vegetables before using them, mothers generally try to use healthier counterparts of the ingredients in any dish, while ensuring the taste does not go awry. Also, only they go to the trouble of changing the oil regularly, rationing one’s consumption of fried food, avoiding synthetic colours, ensuring good food with a combination of the vital vitamins and minerals and so on.

2) The Personal Touch

Try as you might, a dish in a restaurant just isn’t a match for that meal from home. Even in the best and most exclusive of restaurants, there is a limit to how much the food can be modified as per your tastes and preferences. And say, even if you managed to pull it off once, the visit next time will necessitate the whole process again, while your Mom/Spouse will simply remember it.

3) A Labour of Love

We mentioned they’ll simply remember it. Why? They love you. Simple. And so cooking can be more than just another item on the to-do list to strike out when complete. Your kitchen can be your haven of love – try cooking as a couple or even spend some quality time cooking with your parents or even as a family, and we guarantee it’ll be one of your best memories as a family. Also, even cooking for yourself can be fun, when you experiment with different ingredients and spices and come with your own creations (hopefully edible), and dare we mention the aroma of half-cooked food?

4) Eat it Your Own Way

Another good thing about food from home is you can eat it as you like. Go ahead, dip a finger and have a taste of that dish, smack your lips with your tongue once you finish licking your fingers! Or, mix food like crazy, try that vanilla-mango-chocolate chip-fruit and nut sundae today. Or, eat messily, and have a laughter filled dinner! And take as long as you like.

5) Make Them Happy

What easier way to make your loved ones happy then to complement their cooking heartily? Don’t believe us? Try it out today and watch that smile break out on their faces!

We’ve discussed why that meal from home is special, and I think we can safely conclude that it’s the family time and the love, caring and complements that make a good dish and that is why a dish from home is truly special.

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