5 positive parenting tips for teenagers

Teenage is too sensitive age both for teenagers and parents alike. This age is very delicate and can either make a teenager a looser or winner in the later ages. It all depends on how well they are brought up and monitored during this age. This task is not so easy for parents as anything that goes out of the way in monitoring them will give negative results, Then what to do? Just don’t get confused and follow these tips in parenting a teenager to handle and strike a positive relation with them.

1) Give them scope to grow:

Remember that now your beloved one is no more a child and has his/her fancies and priorities. This age seeks more recognition and so recognize their thoughts and give value to their dreams but this does not mean you will give them all free hand, it only means limited supervision and control. Explain why you are giving them scope to lead their way, this will avoid them to stay off from unwanted habits and bad circle.

2) Recognize teenage behavior:

The behavior of teenagers is completely different and also it takes time for you as a parent to accustom to it. All the things that your loved one did till these years are now no more concerns to them. They start making new hobbies, new friends and bring in all new life. There is nothing much to worry on this, it is part of life cycle and this where you as a parent should not conflict with their behavior. All you need to do as a parent is to act as a check point in case they are moving out of the way.

3) Befriend their friends:

If you have teenagers in home then you should be lucky coz you have all new set of friends you can make. Be friendly with them, talk to them and keep inviting your teenage son/daughter friends to home. By doing so you are actually doing two things at single point: You can be a good parent in the eyes of your offspring and you can also know what type of friend your dear one is having.

4) Keep NO lists minimum:

As parents you will always be concerned about the safety and future of your child no matter even if he/she is on death bed, this is the sweetness of parenthood. But how far you should keep them in restriction is a thousand million dollar question. Too many restrictions on their lifestyle, fashion and habits can sometimes give negative results. Then what to do? It is simple don’t be too lenient to give them whole freedom if you think their hobbies and lifestyle can be fatal on them, just be strict. Keeping limitations on controlling the children is the best teenage parenting tips that you can follow.

5) Explain the risks:

This age is very vibrant and teenagers can easily be drifted to many things such as drugs, alcohol, sex and infatuations. So as a parent you should be very careful and keep an eye on them. Explain the risks associated with these so that they know the hazards associated with them and also know the purpose of life.

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