5 must do things in Myanmar

We said you in the past about Myanmar tourist attractions. But what we said isn’t enough since we haven’t said on what to do and left out few more places to see in Myanmar and so we are here…let us talk about things to do in Myanmar and cover up the places left.

Food is appetizing.

Myanmar food is really tasty and is one of the best foods that you can get in Asia. And remember if you don’t taste the local food in this land, you will have no choice left beyond this country as you don’t find Myanmar restaurants outside the country as it is a bit secluded country. The food here is an excellent blend of Thai, Indian cuisine, and Chinese and basically it includes the best parts from each. Try out items such as Gyin Thohk, Danbauk, Kat Kyi Hnyat, Shan Tofu and others.

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Monks everywhere

If you haven’t seen monks then this is the ideal land for it. Monks amount to one percent of the total population of the country. You will find the reality of how monks live and lead their life. You will definitely learn life lessons and know the hidden truths of Buddhism. These monks are really friendly and talking to them is one thing you should do to attain enlightenment of mind. Just spend as much time as possible with them.

Beer is good and cheap

Don’t be surprised you heard it right, you get beer too here and the best beer of the world we can say. With just 50 cents or so you get refreshing tap beer. So have the chill time. If you are bored with Myanmar beer try out Mandalay beer, which is also as tasty as Myanmar beer. But trust us Myanmar beer won’t let you down.

The beaches

Many of us don’t know that this monk filled land also has the best breathtaking beaches and also islands that are serene and calm. Till recently it was not easy to see these beaches but now the restrictions are getting diluted and so one can easily feel these beaches full of white sand, blue waters, coconut cocktails and palm-fringed shores. There are more than 800 bare islands and now it is the turn of your patience to explore them.

It has cool caves

One must see in Myanmar is cool caves.  The country has many caves and no one will guide you nor will you find them in the guide books. It is you who has to discover them and see the thrill of finding the amazing beauty of them. Sometimes you may even come across hidden sculptures and Buddha statues which will leave you spellbound.

Sadly the country is getting exposed to the western world and so changes are obvious. Our suggestion is see the country before it gets fully modernized to know the true treasures of this land.

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