5 mistakes that lead to ineffective weight loss

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You exercise regularly. You follow strict diet regularly. You do all the things that are needed to lose weight, but still you are not losing weight. Despite sincere efforts if your calorie count is not getting down then it only means there is something wrong in your weight loss program. Here are few mistakes which you too might be doing and these are the reasons for not losing weight. These mistakes will never make your weight lesser. Check if you are also doing the same and rectify. Rectifying them is nothing but increasing metabolism and you are on your way to losing weight in a healthy manner.

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Processed foods:

All the processed foods have high amounts of sugar and calories in them. Packed foods such as chips, cookies, frozen cakes and other packed foods are not a better choice if you are on a mission to lose weight. If your diet menu has these foods it is better you avoid them and quicken your weight loss.

Drinking more coffee:

Coffee without any second thought is healthy but only when taken in a limit. Drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day is again inviting weight. 3 plus coffees will make the digestion sluggish and so you are not losing weight effectively. More coffee will increase the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone and when cortisol is more your mind tends to go for sugar and high cholesterol foods. As a result, you are not losing weight. In place of coffee prefer taking more water and fresh fruit juices.

Not drinking enough water:

Many of us don’t remember there is a thing called as ‘water’ unless we feel thirsty. This situation will only lead to dehydration and, as a result, the body has insufficient water content and unfortunately body needs water for weight loss. Drink water based on your BMI. In general the body needs more than 3 liters of water per day irrespective of BMI. Anything less than this will make the metabolism slow and, as a result, your digestion levels are at the bottom. Drinking water also has many benefits apart from helping in weight loss.


Why you don’t lose weight when you are under stress. Reason is simple. When one is under constant threat the mind automatically starts to eat more and, as a result, all your efforts to lose weight will be nullified. So whenever you feel stressed out implement all the means to reduce it or else you can ignore this fact and put on weight.

Not having enough sleep:

No matter how much ever busy you are you need the correct amount of sleep. Lack of sleep will lead to imbalances in hormones known as gherlin and leptin. Both these hormones have high say in the digestion process. Leptin is an indicator of fullness while you eat while gherlin will increase the hunger pranks. When you don’t have proper sleep the secretion of leptin reduces and gherlin increases. As a result, you eat more. The body needs at least 7 hours of sleep.

Check if you are doing some of these mistakes.

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