5 mighty purses to keep your devices on

Life is always uncertain and so is the battery life of your gadgets. And this is the reason we are giving you the list of bags and wallets that will charge your phones and other devices. Here we go….

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Everpurse is known for trendy leather bags. In case you don’t want leather ones you can opt for fabric ones, they are also eco-friendly and also come in budget. If you wish to go for a cross-body strip, you will have to shell out an extra amount. As per the company by charging the bag for a night one can easily charge Samsung Galaxy or iPhone twice.

The other good feature of this phone-charging purse is you need not have to plug it with cords to charge it. You just have to place it on a charging pad and charging is done automatically. Same is the case with the phone, to charge your phone you need not use cables just place it in the pocket of the purse and it gets charged automatically. The purse also is small enough and this makes it easy to carry or place it in another bag giving you more comfort.


What began as a small thing shaped out to be a bigger thing. The inception idea was actually to make a well-designed bag that has an inbuilt battery and different cords that can be used to charge varied devices. According to a representative the bag will let a person charge the devices using the bag for nearly two weeks, now this should sound good. The bag is also stylish and comes with top quality that is durable and water resistant.


As the name sounds, this is really a powerbag. This rechargeable bag can charge nearly 4 devices in one go and have the capacity to give your smartphone two times the power. You charge the powerbag by plugging using a chord. Turn on the bag to charge your devices. It also has an indicator light on its side which will let you know on the power left.


Made by Tylt it is identical to Powerbag, this backpack has a battery that can charge varied gadgets. The rechargeable battery can charge a smartphone for 4 times and is capable of charging 3 gadgets at once. It recharges the devices using cords.


This highly fashioned bag will charge the phone for nearly 4 times. It will also signal you regarding when to charge it and it comes with a charging pad, using which you can charge the bag. It can easily be kept in a bag or you can use it as a clutch as it has a cross-body strap.

Birksun is also one good option. Now you know these chargeable bags so what are you waiting for? Order the choice of yours and have a hassle free travels.

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