5 homemade face packs for open pores

Open pores on the face can lead to shabby looks and cause many skin problems such as pimples, rashes, and scars. When you have open pores the dirt enters the skin through the pores and this leads to increased dirt in the skin and eventually more skin problems. So to keep all these skin problems at bay one need to have a skin that does not have open pores but to have this is not an easy task. Then how do you do away with them? Don’t worry we have simple homemade remedies for open pores for you to follow. All you need is to follow them and these simple tips include applying these face packs that close the open pores.

Here we go with natural home packs to reduce skin pores.

Photo Credit: www.effigiate.com

Ice cubes:

Using ice cubes is the easiest way to treat skin pores. By mere placing ice cubes on the skin, the pores get closed. Just rub ice cubes on the skin for 15 minutes and the skin pores get lesser in size. Not only this benefit, you will also increase the skin tone by following this method. So rub ice cubes and benefit in two ways.

Papaya pack:

Papaya is one fruit that not only gives good digestion but will also add beauty naturally and this same quality is here to lessen your open pores. Papaya pulp has the quality of keeping the skin damp and also increases the hydration of the skin and when the skin is hydrated the skin’s tendency to stretch increases and this will eventually lead to closing of skin pores. All you need to use this to reduce open skin pores is to apply it on the face and wash off with cold water after 20 minutes.

Lemon juice and egg white pack:

As the name suggests you need both of them to make this pack. Egg white has the quality of tightening the skin while lemon has the quality of removing the dirt accumulated on the face and so acts as a bleach. Take 1 teaspoon of egg white and also 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix them and apply on face. Allow it to dry and wash using cold water to see lesser skin pores.

Yogurt and Bengal gram pack:

To make this pack, you need 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 1 tablespoon of Bengal gram powder. Mix both of them well and apply on face. Leave the pack as such for 15 minutes and wash with cold water.

Raw milk:

Using raw milk on the face is also the easiest way to beat skin pores. Dip cotton pads in raw milk and place them on the face. Allow the pads to stay for 15 minutes and remove them. Wash using cold water and you can easily reduce skin pores. Milk acts as a natural moisturizer.

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