5 highest paying hourly jobs you can look for

For many people hourly paid jobs are not jobs at all and they consider salaried jobs alone as jobs and employment, but actually this is not the case always. There are many hourly jobs that are as good as salaried jobs and are nothing less to monthly salaries. The following are the top hourly jobs that give best income on hourly basis.

Administrative/ Secretary Assistant:

Administrative and secretary assistants perform organizational and clerical functions in an organization. They are present in all most all the industries which include government, law and medicine.

Income relies on the type of industry they are into and also on the difficulty of the tasks involved. For instance executive administrative and executive secretary assistants usually work for senior executives and can earn nearly $24.14 per hour.

On an average the salary of the secretary is $18.16 per hour.

Dental Assistant:

These people are employed in dental offices and perform lot of tasks starting from record keeping, patient care to different types of lab work. In some states a dental assistants graduation obtained through accredited program along with passing a licensing exam or state certification is required while in some states only on job training is required. Many of the dental assistants have full time work, but generally dental assistants prefer part time work. Few of the dental assistants even prefer evening works or weekend works, based on convenience.

On an average a dental assistant gets $16.86 per hour as a salary.

Financial Clerk:

These people do many administrative tasks for insurance companies, banks and other organizations.

Usually the financial clerk jobs fall between bookkeepers to bank tellers to payroll clerks. Most of the clerks need a diploma from high school along with on job training. Some specific clerks need college degree in economics or business.

On an average a financial clerk can earn $16.55 per hour.

Customer Service Representatives:

These are the ones who interact with consumers related to an organization. They answer the questions regarding the organization’s services and products, and also manage customer orders, complaints and returns.

They also make interaction with consumers in person, or through internet or phone. Reps are needed in almost all the industries starting from finance to retail to insurance.

Many of the representatives work as part time employees, and may prefer morning, evening or even late night working shifts. These jobs are best suited for those who have flexible timings.

On an average Customer Service Representative can easily earn somewhere around $15.92 in an hour.


Phlebotomists are the ones who collect the samples of blood from patients. They are members of larger medical laboratory teams present in small clinics, hospitals, and also diagnostic laboratories. These people must and should have a G.E.D or a diploma from high school.

Some states ask for a certification or state license. Though the laboratory teams have much number of positions the phlebotomist positions are always in demand and also pay well.

On an average a Phlebotomist can easily earn $14.86 per hour.

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