5 Google products that weren’t a hit in 2014

Google, American multinational company specialized in internet related products and services had a bit tough time in the last year. No doubt, it is the king as far as internet is concerned but somehow it could not win the customer appreciation for some of its products and services for many reasons. We shall not discuss those reasons, but we shall definitely see those much hyped, talked and much-waited products, which could not stand in the market and win users love nor give satisfaction. Here we go with Google’s biggest failures in the recent past.

1) Google Wave: This had been the most sought after and waited product from this top company both from normal people and critics alike.  For some reason, it could not hit the expectations and hype it created before its release.  This is one of the real time communication platforms. It has many kinds of features such as instant messaging, web chat, email, project management, social networking and so on. It even created platform for group discussions. One could form a group with their friends or business people and converse and share files. Despite these many features, it could not win the user support. This stood as the biggest high-profile lapse of Google. Might be all the features present in one place in this app could have misfired as it led more user troubles.

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2) Google Glass: All the expectations and years of waiting for this hi-fi product came to an end. Google had already stopped its manufacturing and sale as of now. We are not sure if it will release the product with some changes in the future or will forego the product entirely. This was the product which many thought would revolutionize the technology and phase of wearable gadgets. The result however was a disaster and made the technology giant to rethink on such projects. This will ever be remembered by all as the biggest failed project of Google.

3) Google video: This was the product from Google targeted against YouTube which failed miserably. It was alike to YouTube and was designed to provide videos for viewing. Despite making several attempts repeatedly from this tech giant, it could not give tough competition to YouTube. But the company was successful in another way by purchasing YouTube. So, now the biggest video provider is under its belt. Whatever and however Google video is a blot on the company’s performance.

4) Google TV: Google had its success and sway with smartphones and PCs’. It wanted to do the same with entertainment sector by launching TV but saw only disaster. Despite providing biggest screen it, could not reach the people due to lack of poor user interface and content.

5) Google Answers: This is same like Yahoo Answers, it was launched to clarify doubts of the users, but even this could not hit success and was just another nightmare for Google team.

These five were the biggest loophole products and services from tech giant which could not cast magic spell on users.

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