5 fitness bands to monitor your health stats

The trend of wearable technology is on rise. Keeping an update on health becomes easy when you have some technology gadgets such as fitness bands on your body. Here are few fitness bands that are highly helpful in tracking and monitoring health

1) Garmin Vivosmart:

This fitness band helps in tracking the sleeping patterns and fitness levels. This ultra slim low profiled band helps in playing, pausing and skipping the tracks from the exercise playlist using tap display. Garmin Vivosmart will display and vibrate if you wish to be notified when you have calls, texts, app notifications and emails. It even has a feature known as “find my phone’’ that tells the phone to ring and vibrate when you find difficulty in tracing it. This fitness band is priced at nearly $170.

2) Basis Peak:

It helps in monitoring the heart rate all through the day even while you are exercising. This band automatically tracks and monitors the sleep and daily activities. Basis Peak is also helpful in tracking the bike rides. A feature known as ‘healthy habits system’ will give the feedbacks with the help of your personal data and assist you to bring changes in the behavior patterns over a period of time. It is priced somewhere around $200.

3) Microsoft Band:

This fitness band from Microsoft monitors heart rate all the day along with keeping a track on the steps you take, calories burnt and the distance you have covered. One can as well feed this band with desired gym workouts that can be used in gym as it displays the loaded files on its LED screen. Once you start using the band it will guide you with fitness tips based on analyzing the data. It comes with pre-existing GPS to map the runs. It will even tell the amount of fat and calories that are burnt, it costs around $200.

4) Timex Ironman Move x20:

It tracks the number of steps taken, the distance covered and also the calories burnt. A feature known as workout mode allows to track the calories expended during the exercise sessions while sleep mode tracks down the sleep patterns and lets you know the time spent in ‘light sleep, ‘deep sleep’ and also the ‘awake time.’ One can connect Timex phone app through Bluetooth to get a display of calls and texts on the wrist. It even updates on date, time and weather condition. It is priced nearly $160.

5) Jawbone UP MOVE:

The wearable band has a highly discreet tracker and can just be attached to many things such as a belt, bra or even your socks. It is available in five colors and its battery runs for 6 months without charging. And one more loveable thing is it is just affordable and is priced nearly $50.

So the next time you are worried to know the exact effect of your workouts use these gadgets and do your exercise routine accordingly.

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