5 easy ways to prevent snoring

Some people snore in sleeps. Snoring is an indication that there is no proper sleep. It is a sign of some sleep disorder and may sometimes indicate other health issues. The more worrying factor with snoring is, it even affects other persons’ sleep apart from the sleep process of the snoring person. Many studies have been conducted to know the reasons for snoring and also many tips and medications have been found to stop this. But all these don’t suit for all. Anyway despite this hard truth here are few tips to stop snoring. Try all of them and find which one is beneficial for you as you need good sleep and also you should stop snoring for others to sleep well.

Nasal strips: These are something like band-aids, which you use for injuries to cure and are also widely used snoring treatment options. These strips are effective to stop snoring and are also easy to use and also have lesser side effects in comparison to other means of stopping snoring. All you need to stop snoring by using this is to stick it on your nose. Sticking nasal strips will lift up your nose bone. When the bone is elevated the blockade is lessened and so there is free respiration, which eventually leads to snoring less sleep.

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Quit smoking: The other beast natural snoring treatment is to quit smoking. Many studies have found that there is interlink between the snores and cigarettes. The number of cigarettes you smoke is directly relational to the intensity of snoring. Smoking enhances snoring and also the sound intensity. The sooner you stop smoking the sooner you will go snore less. So quit it at the earliest. The one main reason behind snoring is respiratory problems and one of the main factors for respiratory disorders is smoking. So by no smoke you are warding off two problems in a single time: snoring and respiratory problems. Never smoke and never snore should be the base rule of life.

Decrease weight: The easiest way to have snore-free sleep is to keep weight in control. The more you are obese the more you snore. Obesity lessens the space of respiratory tracts and this leads to heavier snores. Keep this in mind and do whatever you can to decrease weight. By lesser weight, you also get peaceful sleep.

Nasal saline: Snoring automatically comes down when there is free flow of air in the nostrils. So the best way to have free flow of air in the nostrils is to use some kind of nasal saline. But before choosing one, confirm with the doctor and start using.

Olive oil: Take one spoon of olive oil every night before hitting the sacks. Drinking olive will increase the slippery nature of the cells present in the throat and this leads to lesser tissue vibration and finally snoring can be kept in check. This is the best tip, following this, you can keep snoring away and also increase heart function.

Also, don’t sleep on your back or on your stomach. Sleep on your sides, this way you can have easier breathing.

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