5 easy to make non-alcoholic mocktails

Mocktails are always refreshing and give tickle to the tongue and are non-alcoholic juices. There are many mocktail recipes which include alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Here we shall think on only non-alcoholic mocktails. Here we go with different recipes for non-alcoholic mocktails….

1) Lemon cheesecake drink:

Ingredients needed:

•    2 tablespoons of lemon juice

•    Cream 1/4th cup

•    2 tablespoons of caster sugar

•    Pinch of nutmeg powder

•    1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence

•    Half cup of yogurt

•    One cup of ice cubes

Preparation method:

•    Take all the ingredients said above except nutmeg powder in a blender. Blend them well.

•    That’s it once it is mixed well, your tasty mocktail is ready. Take this in a glass and sprinkle nutmeg powder on top and serve chill.

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2) Banana Banckers:

Ingredients needed:

•    3 bananas

•    1 cup of crushed ice

•    3 cups of fresh grapefruit juice

•    2 cups of lemon syrup

Preparation method:

•    All you need to make this energetic and tasty mocktail is to crush the banana to paste and add all the above ingredients to it. Mix well and drink. Looking easy! Right?

3) Amla honey shot:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 teaspoon of Amla crush

•    Four Indian gooseberries (remove the seeds and cut them)

•    ½ teaspoon of Star anise powder

•    4 tablespoons of Crushed ice

•    1 tablespoon of honey

Preparation method:

•    Take Amla crush, star anise powder, and cut Amla

•    Add water to them and blend them to paste

•    Strain this and add honey. Mix them well.

•    Take one tablespoon of crushed ice in a shot glass and add the same quantity of juice to it.

•    Garnish star anise and serve

4) Hot spiced punch:

Ingredients needed:

•    2 cups of grape juice

•    4 cups of apple juice

•    2 tablespoons of ginger paste

•    6 strips of orange peels

•    8 cloves

•    2/3 cups of almonds

•    2/3 cups of raisins

•    13 pieces of cinnamon

Preparation method:

•    Take two juices, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and orange peels in a saucepan and heat on low flame.

•    Keep the stove in low mode and boil them for 15 minutes

•    Next add almonds and raisins and boil till the raisins are boiled.

•    Finally, add cinnamon, serve and drink

5) Cherry smash:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 cup of cherry fruits

•    ¼ cup of mint leaves

•    ¼ cup of Lemon syrup

•    8 teaspoons of sugar

•    3 cups of cherry flavored seltzers

Preparation method:

•    Take mint leaves, cherries and sugar in 3 separate glasses

•    Crush them using hand crusher

•    Add lemon syrup

•    Mix all of them well and take in a glass

•    Add the seltzer to the glass and drink

Are these non-alcoholic drinks looking easy and quick to make…..so make them for a refreshing taste.

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