5 easy and natural ways to improve memory power

We need strong memory power in this competitive field to be successful. The need of having sharp memory power doesn’t end with student life alone we also need it to stay on board and rank our importance in professional life too. But not all are blessed with sharp memory power and remembrance capability that is the reason we have few tips that are not only easy but are also effective in warding off weak memory and helping you to remember the things for longer time.

1) Keep talking to yourselves:

It might sound crazy for you, but there is no fun in it. As per researchers people who have the habit of talking to oneself have been found to remember the things well. Keep talking to self every now and then; keep saying about the tasks and their related things to yourself, this will help you in remembering the related things well and will also let you stay focused. So don’t worry if someone thinks that you are doing something crazy by talking to yourself. The researchers have also found that self-talk helps in warding off dementia. So two way beneficial you increase memory and you will stay fit in your old age.

2) Give the brain exercise:

What happens to the body when you don’t strain it or when it lacks physical activity? It becomes dull and weak. So is also the case with brain, not straining it or not keeping it busy will make it less active and this will decrease memory power. Give the brain some mental exercise; keep it active by doing the word puzzles and sudukos that you see in newspapers. All these brainstorming works keep your brain sharp and enhance memory power. There are also many games present in net that tune your mind…..play them and be away from weak memory.

3) Learn new language:

Learning new language is one of the difficult ways to reverse memory loss but it is effective way to increase memory power. You make the brain sharper as you are trying to learn, read and write new words. This will help you to remember the things well and also help you to increase vocabulary and grammar. Learning new language though is a bit difficult task; it will also give mental peace along with increasing brain’s power.

4) Be a voracious reader:

If you don’t have the habit of reading then cultivate it immediately. As per researchers keeping the brain engaged with reading books will enhance the brain’s power to remember the things well. In case you don’t like reading books at least you should strain to read some not so lengthy articles or newspapers, there is no escape from it if you are serious about increasing memory power.

5) Melotherapy:

Hearing to music is also one of the ways to improve memory, hearing music calms the mind and so the mind gets focused on the task, while hearing also try to catch the lyrics along with music, this will keep the brain sharp.

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