5 biggest career mistakes that one should avoid

In this tough world, every act of yours count and has much to define your career growth. One small mistake you make, and you ruin to bottom. Here are few mistakes to avoid in the workplace so that you are a good employee who is trustworthy. Here are few common career mistakes to avoid in office.

Wrong timing:

If you are not a times freak, then you are not a perfect human being, leave off being a good employee. Sticking to time connotes that you respect work. By all means try to stick strictly to time no matter whatever your problems are. If you are asked to be present in the office at 9, be there by that time and if you are asked to leave at five then leave only on that time. The more you respect the time, the more your boss will respect you, and you will have chances of hitting promotions soon in comparison to the ones who don’t care for time.

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Respect unwritten office rules:

If it is not written or stipulated it does not mean you can do it in your office. Every company though may not say you not to do certain things still you need to stay away from them. Say for instance every company recognizes the importance of being active on social sites but that does not mean you will always open your Twitter or Facebook account and hang out there. Limit yourself from doing certain things. Remember there are always eyes watching you without your notice and one sign that you are doing something out of the way you are ruining your career.

Official communication:

Communication is sole of career. If you are not good at communication, then you are not a good employee definitely. Respect communication and communicate on time whatever you need to communicate. Be prompt in checking and replying to emails. Always communicate using official emails so that you are saved when in trouble. And one more thing you should refrain from is to avoid official communication platforms for your personal communication.

Not connecting:

Be connected with your co-employees. Share things with them but not too personal things. Maintain cordial relations with your workers so that you are a good sociable person. Also use social networking sites to increase your network. This age is of social platforms so don’t leave any stone unturned. Being active on social sites that let you know the latest happenings in your field will make you stay in touch with the rest of the word.

Money alone is not the factor:

Money is a deciding factor, but that alone need not decide all the things for you. There are many more things that you should consider before getting in or leaving a company. Let money be only one of the factors in deciding your career and not everything.

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