5 best foods for new moms

Being mom is a dream and brings immense joy for any women. But in this joy if proper eating and good habits are neglected then it might turn out into curse. Here are 5 best foods after birth that every new mom should eat both for self-health and health of your loving kid…..

1) Blueberries:

These are, in fact, the most avoidable fruits for new moms as they are rich in antioxidants and no one needs explanation on how vital antioxidants are for humans. Apart from antioxidants they are also rich in vitamin C, an unavoidable vitamin for overall health. These are also easily available. Apart from antioxidants and vitamin C, they are also rich in carbohydrates and essential minerals. As a new mother the body tends to get fatigued soon and this is where you need more carbohydrates to get instant energy.

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2) Black beans:

These are simply unavoidable if you wish to have proper lactation. They assist in healthy and sufficient milk production. So eat these for proper and sufficient breastfeeding, which is vital for child’s healthy growth. They are store for iron, which is mandate for healthy bones and nerves. Kidney beans too should be taken voraciously.

3) Brown rice:

Brown rice should be preferred to white rice as it is good for overall health in general and is also helpful in keeping the sugar levels in check. By nature, women get fat post delivery and one easy way to keep this extra weight at bay is to eat brown rice. Apart from falling prey to overweight even the digestive system becomes sluggish and one of the simplest ways to improve and bring to track the digestion is to eat brown rice. In case you don’t like brown rice at least try to take 3 times per week.

4) Fish:

Any kind of seafood is good for new mothers and if it is a fish, then the importance needs no explanation. This is the best and is also one of the foods that get easily digested. So prefer more of fish. Try to stuff in different kinds of fish but see to that you don’t exceed the intake more than twice or thrice per week. Fishes apart from having omega 3 fats are also filled with a kind of fats called as DHA and these fats are highly important for feeding moms. DHA assists in proper development of the nervous system in the child. Prefer fish soups to fries, as fries are high in oil quantity.

5) Dairy products:

All kinds of dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt are vital for new moms. The human body needs vitamin D and calcium for proper bone development of the child and even you as a new mom need these as the skeletal system gets weakened after delivery. They are also rich in vitamin B and proteins that the body needs.

So take these above foods regularly for better health of you and your newborn.

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