5 A Day: why have it?

Medical advisory by the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that every individual should have at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day.  In terms of weight, it should be a minimum of 400 grams on a daily basis. This means that the total should be made of 5 portions of both fruits and vegetables and not of only one form in 5 portions.

Every doctor or medical and fitness professional professes that having lots of fruits and vegetables are a sure shot means of living a healthy life. And it is a combination of these that make for a balanced diet, an imperative to have a long and healthy life. And the following are the reasons for which they say what they say:

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Full of vitamins and minerals: Whether it is fruits or vegetables they are the warehouse of vitamins and minerals. And as we all know vitamins and minerals are needed to keep our body system clean and running smoothly. They also help in building up of our immune system. Vitamin A, E, C, Riboflavin, Potassium, Zinc etc all are some of the commonly found vitamins and minerals in fruits and veggies

Help you feel fresh and energetic: Since almost all the fruits and vegetables are low on fat and are full of natural sugar like fructose; they are better suited to keep one energetic. They also have lesser calories when taken in the natural form. All these properties make them ideal to keep a person full of natural energy levels.

Helps in reducing diseases:  The contribution of fruits and vegetables in making up of a healthy and balanced diet makes them ideal for saving us from various deadly diseases. Researches have shown that fruits and vegetables work as a protection against various forms of cancers and also save from different heart diseases. Strokes can also be saved from taking place if a person follows a strictly vegan diet.

Keeps the digestion intact: Humans need a daily dose of 40 gms of dietary fiber to keep the gut running properly. And fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of the same. They not only keep the gut flora intact but help in reducing constipation as well.

Provide a healthy and natural alternative: There is so much to choose from when it comes to fruits and vegetables. They can be eaten raw or can be cooked. No matter whichever form you choose from, they are always tastier and healthier alternative to fried food or meats.

When deciding upon what should make up for 5 A Day on a palate it is best when the combo contains variety. Frozen, cooked, pureed and even fresh juices all makeup for 5 A Day.  Even various nuts like groundnut, walnut etc all make it to the list. Having such a wide variety provides for healthy alternatives to the junk food that we consume. So, go ahead try them in snacks and in between meals. They would surely not make you feel guilty about having them.

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