4 top social sites to increase sales and visitors

The world has already gone digital and the concept of pushing business has changed since then. The age old means of promoting business and sales have paved the way for digital marketing and the role of social sites have increased by leaps and bounds. And this increased the role of Social Bookmarking. Social sites give you an opportunity to increase your sales with one click. But not every site goes well with all the business. Every business should choose different social sites keeping in view their business and customers. Leaving this point aside we will talk here on top social bookmarking sites.

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1. Twitter:

It is one of the leading social bookmarking sites and has millions of users and the users are increasing every day. It is very popular among all the brands. The one best feature of it is, you need not befriend all the friend requests and still everyone can tag on you until you block the user(s) or possess a personal account. The 140 character tweet you make can bring magic to your business. With a page rank of 7, how can you not expect your business to grow? With the Direct message feature enabled to all, everyone can leave a message even if you are not following a certain person, the only setback is the person should allow you to post. You also have twitter poll which you can use for online business. As usual, you have the hashtag trend, the easier and quicker way to get recognized by many people in a single click.

2. Facebook:

This social site is one of the best social bookmarking sites for business. It is the site where people of every age, at least, spend 5 minutes each day. The only difference between Twitter and FB is in this site one needs to create respective pages for businesses. This is because not every business owner wishes to club his personal account with a business account. In case you wish to convert your account into a business page of yours, you can still do it and FB provides an option for this. But the best bet would be to create a page for your business and promote it to your target customers. Send and promote your business to your friends and from there you may get other referrals.

3. Google Plus:

If you think of giving SEO advantage to your website then neglecting this can cause you severe setbacks. Though it is not used regularly by people you should not underestimate the power it has. The site has the capacity to drive quality visitors to your site. And who owns it, the giant tech company, Google. And what is SEO all about, it is for Google. If your business is local then set the map settings and also verify your account.

4. LinkedIn:

Called as the hub of professionals, LinkedIn also has huge value in digital marketing. It lets us know what the professional world is. A good connection with related professionals can easily boost the sales and increase traffic to your site. The site brings exposure in the professional world. A good connection with people can boost your sales. Be active here and your site will go active.

So having said all, now you should create accounts in the entire above if you don’t have and see the magic of these sites.

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