4 tips to improve relationship with boyfriend

All the girls who so ever have come across this article save time to read it as it has something for you. Especially for those ones, who have a boyfriend or who have a loving hubby? These are both life and love lessons for you. They have very useful information for you to keep your relationship strong and smooth with your counterparts.

Take them as suggestions or commandments to improve relationship with boyfriend but they definitely have value for you. After all, happiness lies in maintaining good relation with your boyfriend or your hubby. Here are the things that you should not expect from your loved ones if you wish smooth sailing relation and also life.

Don’t take these for granted as these little things will define the way you carry on your relation.

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1) Proposals:

Men do know and can easily understand the feelings of women. And when the woman is of his choice and when he traces that some X r Y named girl is showing interest in him. It is even easier for them to read your mind. The same is the case with girls too. They can easily say whether someone is interested or not. Until this point, it’s ok. You are sharp and your flamboyant is also sharp. Now the deadlock is who should first break up the iceberg. Well in most cases boys do it. In case he doesn’t, don’t wait till everything gets gloomy. Propose it. There is no wrong in saying, ‘’ I LOVE YOU.’’ When the world is thinking of women empowerment what empowerment it is when you as a girl can’t dare to open out before your world’s best person.

2) Texting first:

Women always expect pamper like treatment. They need their boys to text first, wish first and also everything first from the other end. This may not always happen. Remember you are in a relation and not in a competition. Here the question of who initiates the conversation is not important. The only importance is whether there is a conversation or not. Instead of waiting for your Mr. Cool to take the leap you be the first to join the bandwagon.

3) Clean-up the room:

Well, girls this should be something embarrassing. Here we don’t say that only girls are responsible for cleaning and housekeeping. Even boys too need to be part on equal terms, but the sad part is they are so lazy that they can break the relation just for this reason alone. So why not try to shape the things in a better way? Stop fighting regarding this and ask him to help in other chores. The total way of life and relation is to have longer and smooth relations.

4) Too many expectations:

Girls…please know the difference between expecting and possessing. If you always wish him to take care of you as a small baby and pamper you round the clock then this is called as the possession. The expectation is quite a way different, it only means expecting only such things that will keep you both of you in touch and that will make your love bond stronger.

Hope now all the girls know how to improve relationship with boyfriend.

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