4 things to look for before buying a computer monitor

Buying any kind of electronic gadget is a tough decision making. It needs more brainstorming and also several considerations. And if you are buying a monitor or PC then one needs to be even more cautious so that he/she does not land up buying an ordinary one that comes with low quality. Here are few things to consider while buying monitors then alone you will not face any difficulty in using them, especially while viewing.

Here are few mandate things to check before choosing a computer monitor ….

1) Response time:

It is always better to choose a monitor that has lower response time. Response time is generally calculated in milliseconds. When you choose a lower response time monitor you will not face difficulty while watching quick action movies or playing games. You will not even face difficulty in watching the images when they are in movement.

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2)  Connectors:

Prefer a monitor that has multiple inputs. Commonly VGA port will act as connector. But still prefer a monitor that has VGA along with DVI and HDMI ports. By using HDMI ports, one can directly connect digital cameras, camcorders and also media players and enjoy them clearly.

3) View angle:

When you chose a monitor that has good view angle you are saved from continuously sitting before it to glare at it. When your monitor has perfect view angle you can clearly see the images and color differences by sitting at any angle. When your monitor has wide view angle then many people can easily enjoy the movies and other stuff.

4) Display type:

In general we can notice three types of displays in monitors. These are TN, IPS, and VA. Amongst these three, TN monitors have quick response time but they don’t have good view angles. IPS monitors have good color reproduction capability but get refreshed dead slowly. But VA type monitors have all the advantages of the rest of the two and also have good view angles and contrast options. If you wish to play games prefer TN screens and if you are using it for graphics and photography prefer IPS. If you are a writer or use the monitor for writing purposes prefer VA monitors.

Keep all these tips to buy a computer monitor in mind and go according to your need.

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