4 softwares to install in your devices

Installing some devices, Softwares and apps in your devices makes your working on them easier and also hassle free. Here are few types of software for your devices to work in a better and smart way.

LastPass: Every one of us has minimum 4 to 5 accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Google+ and so on. In this situation, it becomes difficult for us to remember all the passwords for these accounts and this is where you need LastPass.  LastPass is a kind of password manager. It enables you to save all your passwords in it. All you need to manage your passwords using this is to store all your usernames and their respective passwords in it and give it a password. You need to remember only this password so that you can login and know all your passwords. Apart from this, it also enables you to attach images, PDF documents, audio files and other kinds of documents. You can view, edit and also delete all of them whenever you wish. It enables you to login in any device from anywhere.

Photo Credit: www.techleaps.in

Pixlr Editor: Many of us use Photoshop to edit photos and images, but we are not aware that we can use Pixlr Editor as a substitute for it. This is a graphic editing tool. This more powerful than the paint program that comes inbuilt with your PCs. To say it even clearer, it works for any device such as mobile, desktop, laptop and also tablets. It can be used easily both by professionals and non-professionals. You can edit any type of image easily using this as the editing processes are simple and are easily understandable by all.

JamJar:  At times every one of us faces difficulty in opening some kinds of files. The reason behind this is simple: we cannot open because we don’t have the software which supports some kind of files. During these situations, there is no other way but to convert that file and we need a converter for this. But the problem is there are many types of files and we are not sure whether the installed converter can open the needed file or not. The one easy way to beat all these problems is JamJar website. Just enter that website and select the file and give your required format and click convert button. It will convert the file to your desired format within minutes. It supports more than 1200 types of files.

Prezi: Whatever the file is, be it a video, photo or any other kind of file. They will look attractive only when the presentation is good and for the presentation to look good you need Prezi. Using this software, you can make your presentation more beautiful. This works on Cloud. It can be used to make presentations on any device.

So have all these Softwares and make your working easier without wasting much time.

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