4 simple mocktail recipes for summer

Body tends to get dehydrated more during summers and you need to take special care with the drinks and foods you take. Here are few types of drink recipes that not only hydrate your body but also give you the much needed nutrients for the body. Here are your summer mocktail recipes to try.

1) Strawberry surprise:

Ingredients needed:

•    60 milliliter of sugar syrup

•    50 milliliters of lemon juice

•    200 milliliters of Sprite

•    60 milliliters of strawberry squash

•    Few strawberries

•    Required amount of ice cubes

Preparation method:

  • Take strawberry crush, ice and sugar syrup in a bowl and mix well.
  • Add sprite at the end, once the above three ingredients are mixed well.
  • Now take this tasty drink in a glass, decorate with strawberries and drink chill.
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2) Summer cool:

Ingredients needed:

•    3 tablespoons of cucumber juice

•    1/4th lemon slice

•    6 cucumber slices

•    6 mint leaves

•    Required amount of ice

•    45 milliliters of Sprite or lemonade

•    1 tablespoon of sugar

•    Required amount of ice cubes

Preparation method:

  • Take sugar, mint leaves and lemon juice in a shaker and mix well.
  • Add cucumber slices and again shake well.
  • Take the ice in a glass and add this shake.
  • Finally, add lemonade or sprite.
  • Mix all of them well and serve chill.

3) Midnight lady:

Ingredients needed:

•    50 milliliters of lemon juice

•    30 milliliters of Strawberry crush

•    100 milliliters of soda

•    60 milliliters of sugar syrup

•    200 milliliters of sprite

•    Required amount of ice cubes

•    50 milliliters of black current crush

Preparation method:

  • Preparation is very simple. Take sugar syrup, ice cubes, strawberry crush and black current crush in a glass.
  • Mix them well.
  • Finally add sprite and soda and serve chill.

4) Capri lime cool mix:

Ingredients needed:

•    10 Capri lemon leaves

•    4 tablespoons of honey

•    4 lemons (squeeze juice from them)

•    2 drops of rose water

•    Required amounts of mint leaves

•    ½ liter water

•    2 rose petals

•    Required amount of ice cubes

Preparation method:

  • Grind well both Capri leaves and mint leaves to make a paste.
  • Add lemon juice and keep the paste aside.
  • Next add water, rose water and honey to the paste.
  • Mix well and strain.
  • Take the juice in a glass and add rose petals. Drink chill.

These are 4 easy tasty summer drink recipes. They are healthy, tasty and also keep the body hydrated for many hours.

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