4 signs you're addicted to Facebook

You would have heard of many addictions such as alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction and even movie and music addictions. But the psychologists say there is even more dangerous addiction known as ‘’Facebook addiction, ‘’ which is on heavy rise. A university in Norway has even developed a tool called as the ‘Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale’ to calculate obsession with Facebook. This fact by now would have made you understand the severity of it. Psychologists say there are many people who just can’t stay away from sending friend requests, poking, posting and tagging. In fact it is the biggest social disorder as of now that is troubling people. Here are the Facebook addiction symptoms.

1) The mind craves for likes:

There is an option called as ‘LIKE’ in FB page and this is one of the option which many of us use to show our interest and like on particular post or picture, if it ends here then it shouldn’t be a problem, unfortunately it doesn’t since there are many attention seekers in FB. Everything they post, they wish it gets as many likes and shares as possible. This happens because they are not sure of their looks and thoughts, thereby the mind involuntarily checks for outside approval and one way is to check every now and then to see the updates on likes. In the long run this kind of thought process will lead to self esteem problems.

2) Spending much time on Facebook games:

Actually this symptom begins without even our approval. On one fine day one of your friends will send you a game request. You accept it because you are keen to know the game or keen to impress your friend by accepting it. At first as a time pass you begin to play the game which in no time can be the sign of Facebook addiction.

3) Taking more care to upload perfect profile picture:

Of course no one denies that one picture is equal to thousand words and a good photo is always an attraction. Photo is one thing that can speak volumes about a person’s personality and it is a known fact that a good profile picture is an invitation to visit the profile and at times people even send friend requests based on the quality and charisma of the picture uploaded. But despite all these facts if one is spending more time to upload profile picture it can be a sign of Facebook addiction. Even changing of Facebook picture too often is also sign of Facebook disorder.

4) Updating status too much:

Many of us would have definitely seen our buddies on our profile who would never leave a chance to update their status on newsfeed be it a check-in, a status update or posting of some random photos. Unfortunately all these status updates are really nothing to update. If you are also the one who takes every occasion to update status then you are already addicted to Facebook.

So these in general are Facebook addiction signs.

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