4 safety tips for driving in the rain

‘’Drive slow….reach safe,’’ we can see these sign boards everywhere on roads but sometimes even slow drives can cause accidents, more importantly in rainy seasons. This is so because driving on wet roads is always slippery due to water on them. Accidents are on rise in this season since the roads get damaged due to rains. Whatever the reasons might be driving in rainy season is a bit risky affair than other seasons. Here are few driving safety tips to follow on rainy days.

1) Check the condition of the vehicle:

Every care should be taken to check the vehicle’s condition daily, more importantly with parts such as brakes, clutches and tyers. If you have a four-wheeler then wind-shield wipers should be checked. In place they have any cracks they should be replaced without delay. Even the tire condition should be checked. Check if it has sufficient air or not. The tire thread condition is also one thing to check for in the quality of tyers, this can be done by placing a coin in between the grooves (lines present on tire), if the coin doesn’t stick properly in between the grooves, it conveys the time for changing the tyers.

2) Stop if it’s raining:

The best way for driving in heavy rain and avoid accidents is to just stop for a while till the rain lessens in severity. Or in case you can guess rain in advance it is better to start prior to raining. This will help you to reach destination safely and also on time. Never do the mistake of carrying on driving when it is raining. By driving in rain you are not only inviting accidents but are also prone to get struck in jams.

3) Slow down:

At times we are forced to carry on with driving even when it is raining, in such cases prefer slow drive rather than driving in haste. Normally in rainy seasons all the dirt, petrol and diesel accumulated on roads will start floating on top of the roads there by making the tyers slippery. So going slowly will give grip to the tyers and avoid accidents. A speedy drive will not give proper road grip. And also be careful while accelerating, braking or when turning.

4) Keep watching the brake lights:

The one way to lessen the accidents in rainy season is to keep watching the brake lights of front vehicle. Keep maximum distance from the front vehicle and also while you apply brake, apply brake when the vehicle is at maximum distance since it takes much time for the vehicle to stop in rainy seasons than other seasons.

And apart from all the above safe driving tips stop aside when the rain is heavy and when you are unable to get a clear vision of the road due to rain. Be particularly careful when you are taking a road full of ditches.

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