4 natural sugar alternatives

Who doesn’t like sugar? Every one of us irrespective of age like sugar, this is the mesmerizing taste of it. Unfortunately, the sugar is not healthy. It brings in many deadly health complications such as indigestion, obesity, and diabetes. So what to do? We know the tongue asks for sweetness every now and then. Never worry, just use these healthy sugar alternatives where ever sugar is needed to be added. Here we go with natural substitutes for sugar.

1) Jaggery:

Nutritionists have termed it as medicinal sugar due to its manifold health benefits. It acts as a natural medicine for many daily ailments such as constipation, cough, and digestive problems. It even has many minerals and vitamins that are needed by the body and which are not present in sugar. So use it vividly in place of sugar, doing so will not only give you a sweet taste but will also make you healthy. Jaggery is also as easily available in the market as the sugar both in powder and solid form. It can as well be used in combination with some vegetables. So give a try to it.

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2) Honey:

Many people have the habit of substituting honey for sugar. In case you don’t have, it’s high time you start doing this for your own health benefit as it is good sugar substitutes. It is also the best home medicine for many problems such as indigestion, constipation, heart problems, cold, flu, fever, cough, and cold. Just a single spoon of it every day can have untold health benefits according to Ayurveda practitioners. It is always best to use it in juices in place of sugar. It is even helpful to control high blood pressure and balance the blood flow. It can also be used in desserts.

3) Sugarcane juice:

This is also one healthy substitute for sugar. It is high in vitamin C and vitamin B, apart from this it is also high in magnesium, calcium and iron, so use it or just drink it as such. If you wish you can add ginger and lemon to it for a different flavor. It is recommended for anemia and jaundice patients in Ayurveda.

4) Dry fruits:

You heard it right. Don’t be bewildered. Some kind of dry fruits such as figs, raisins, and dates are best substitutes for sugar. Dates are rich in iron, potassium, fiber content and vitamin B. These can be used to make pickles and sauce. Add raisins in sweet preparations in place of sugar as they give sweetness and are also high in nutrients. Figs too can be used in place of sugar. Adding figs to cookery will save you from bronchitis problems.

Also, you can add some kinds of sweet tasting fruits like banana, mango, and apple. So the next time your tongue asks for sugar give it these above natural sugar substitutes. By doing so, you go healthy and satisfy the tongue’s appetite for sugar cravings.

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