4 natural remedies for black spots

Flaunting a glowing and flawless skin each day is the dream of every woman but the dark spots and patches often come as obstacles for this dream. The dark patches like brown or age spots, freckles, and so on are caused due to excessive melanin production of the skin. Though there are countless cosmetic treatments available to battle them, they should be the last resort as they are harmful. The best way is to go for home remedies that are as effective as cosmetic treatments. These natural homemade remedies will easily and safely get rid of dark patches and give you radiant skin naturally. Here are your natural products that can easily fight dark spots.

1) Lemon Juice:

This is the best bleaching agent one can get from the nature. The one main reason for the breakout of dark spots and patches lies in vitamin C deficiency and so lemon juice is an effective way to treat, as it has high vitamin C content. Apply few drops of lemon juice using a cotton dab everyday on the affected area or for that matter on the whole face as it works as bleach. Let the beach to stay for nearly 20 to 30 minutes and wash off cleanly using water. But see to that you don’t expose the skin to sun when the lemon juice is still on or keep it for more than half an hour.

2) Sandalwood:

Sandalwood is the best fragrant cure for any kind of skin problems and so it works on age spots, acne spots, and also other types of skin infections. Make a face pack by mixing rosewater to sandalwood and apply this on the dark spots. Allow it to stay for overnight and cleanse off the next morning. The other effective way is to add few drops of glycerin to sandalwood and rosewater paste. Apply this pack on face, allow it dry and cleanse off well using warm water.

3) Raw Milk:

Raw milk has lactic acid that lightens the color of the skin. So, apply raw milk on black spots at nights and clean it off using warm water the next day morning. In case you have oily skin or acne use buttermilk by adding few drops of lemon juice. You can wash your face daily with raw milk and can also use it as a substitute to water while making different homemade face packs.

4) Aloe Vera gel:

Use aloe vera each day to see wonders and magical affects on the skin. Take fresh gel from aloe Vera leaf and apply it on the affected areas to see reduced dark spots with each passing day. Apply the gel and allow it to stay for half an hour and cleanse it off. Even drinking 2 tsp of this juice also helps in curing dark patches.

Applying yogurt on dark spots and washing after half an hour is also one of the natural treatments for dark spots.

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