4 lucrative jobs that involve travelling

Do you hate a job that asks you to rub your ass from 9 AM to 5PM? Do your legs keep wandering? Do you love roaming here and there? Do you love to earn while you travel then here are the best jobs for travelling. Have a look at them and try your bet there. You will not only get your livelihood but you will also be fulfilling your life’s vision.

1) Cameraman/Photographer/ Cinematographer:

No matter whether you are hired in a company or carry on as a freelancer. The above three jobs always keep you roaming and your work mostly confines to outdoor locations. You can earn working in a TV or a film or some other production house. Whatever and wherever you work you will always be on your toes and these jobs also give good pocket. So isn’t it cool to be one amongst the three. So if you love travelling and also have passion for photography then this is the best career for you. Fashion photographers are highly in demand, so try it there.

2) Cruise Crew:

They are fun…they are expensive and there are unimaginable things to do in a ship. Save you don’t have sickness to sea you can just have life on ships. There are many jobs that the ship needs to keep going such as bartenders, technicians, hotel managers, performers and chefs are only a few jobs to name. Ships not only give long voyages but will also fetch you decent earnings. The only one thing you need is the zeal to stay away from home for months and kicking off laziness as this is one jobs for travelling tirelessly. Many have a notion that sailing only needs laziness but it’s not so being a cruise crew you always need to be on your foot. But don’t worry as crew you will have your life, parties and funs that are earmarked for you. Sounds interesting…right?

3) Tour Guide:

This is also a good option for careers in travelling. It need not be a full-fledged work, you can as well opt to work for part time and earn decently. The only things you need to be a successful tour guide is to know the place well and keep the mood of visitors by having unending energy to mingle and giggle with them.  Being a tour guide you help to organize trips to travelers and travel companies. These days, many companies are hiring people permanently as tour guides so try your luck.

4) Travel Writer:

Does your passion lie in spinning words apart from having untiring liking for travel then travel writer is your best bet, this in fact fits the best. You are actually paid to go and visit the places and narrate on them. You will have all the gates open to most famous spots and restaurants yet you won’t pay a single penny from your pocket.  The only condition is you should be able to pen the things in most attractive way so that your sponsors get benefited.

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