4 high paying engineering degrees

Engineering is a subject that is always in demand as it is one career that gives huge income that too persistently. The salaries paid for experienced engineers commonly exceed $100k in a year. The reason behind this high salary is logical: as demand for engineers is always high the salaries are high. Here is the list of highest paid engineers across the globe.

Petroleum Engineers:

The average starting wages for petroleum engineering graduates is nearly $74,240 and it will touch nearly $132,320 by the middle of the career and as the experience grows the salary will mark around $186,520. The industry groups are anticipating retirement of many employees by the end of next decade which will even increase the prospects and salary in petroleum engineering field. There are many varied diplomas and degrees on hand for those who are interested in taking a career in petroleum engineering industry which also includes online training.

The salary estimates for engineers in petroleum industry is as follows:

Beginning salary is nearly $74,240

Mid salary is around $132,320 and the

Experienced can easily get around $186,520

Chemical Engineers:

The average starting salary for engineers in chemical industry is nearly $94,000. Chemical engineers find employment in the fields of research and manufacturing. Chemical Engineers are hired not only in chemical companies, they are even hired in the manufacturing fields of clothing, electronics, medicine, food and paper and the list goes on.

These engineers can even enhance their careers to company management and technical sales. The market for them is as of now steady and is also better than biomedical engineering as per many studies. The starting salary is around $58,830 per annum and the salaries for mid experienced is around $154,840.

Electrical Engineers:

A fresh electrical engineering graduate can easily earn around $57,330 per annum. The jobs are related to the fields of designing, supervising and testing of all the equipments related to electrical equipments, but some of the careers in electrical engineering also relate to designing of electronics schematics both for consumer and commercial use. The growth rate is supposed to be nearly 6% per annum in this field. The salaries for mid-experienced electrical engineers are something around $89,180. On an average an electrical engineer career begins with an estimated salary of $57,330 and it will touch something around $89,180 in the middle of the career.

Materials Engineers:

On an average the beginning salary for materials engineer would be around $52,900, these engineers will work in testing and developing materials that will be used for producing consumer and industrial products, along with working on fabrics and metals. They have to even study and research the uses of each item in consumer goods. Starting from now till 2020 the rate of growth for engineers in this field is supposed to be nearly 9% and the mid-career wages will be nearly $85,150. The salary estimates for materials engineer will be $52,900 at the start and $85,150 by the time one reaches middle of the career.

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