4 commonly winter allergies and their treatment

With winter comes the season of allergies. There are many diseases and allergies specific to winter alone. In this present article let us see some of the common winter allergies and how to tackle them.

1) Allergic rhinitis: This is one infection that comes first in line with winter season.

Symptoms of Allergic rhinitis include restless sneezes, running nose, itchiness of eyes and nose. If you doubt that this is not general cold then it should be taken as Allergic rhinitis when you have the above symptoms. The other symptom is that the inner parts of the nose (more importantly near the eyes) get bulged due to some kinds of allergens present in air. The dusts, smoke and moist present in the air will severe the problem.

Antihistamine medicines are good relief to this infection as they obstruct the symptoms well. One can save oneself from Allergic rhinitis by staying away from chilly weathers and by wearing woolen clothes and apart from all eat only warm foods.

2) Asthma:

Generally the symptoms of asthma include consistent coughs during nights, difficulty in breathing and congestion in chest. Asthma sets in when the airways which carry air to and from the lungs are obstructed due to mucus formation. Normally the causes of asthma include cold weather, pollution, dust and respiratory infections. Some kinds of chemical presence in the air can also cause asthma. Constant stress, rigorous exercises and medicines such as aspirin can also cause asthma. Lung function tests along with non invasive spirometer tests are done to diagnose. Using inhalers and some kinds of medications that reduce inflammation in respiratory organs is good option to treat asthma. Also using medicines that reduce mucus in the respiratory organs is best. When the situation goes out of control getting hospitalized is the only way out.

3) Bronchitis:

When one gets Bronchitis the mucus membranes present in the lungs’ bronchial passages gets inflamed. The one main symptom associated with bronchitis is the presence of sputum in yellow and green colors. Cough exceeding 5 days is also seen. The general causes of bronchitis include dust, air pollution, and vehicle smoke. The remedies for bronchitis include medications prescribed by the doctor mainly. Taking rest is also necessary. Drinking heavy amounts of fluid is mandatory. Steam inhalation is also highly useful to control bronchitis.

4) Laryngitis:

Laryngitis is a condition associated with irritation and swelling in the voice box. The symptoms include loss of voice, hoarseness, throat pain, sore throat and difficulty in swallowing. The primary causes include air pollution, smoking, cool breeze, over usage of voice box. The first and foremost sign of laryngitis is change in the voice. The treatment options apart from medicines include giving rest to throat for at least two days, steam inhalation and gargling. Drinking fluids is also necessary to keep the vocal chords hydrated. The one most important thing to fight laryngitis is to give maximum rest to vocal chords.

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