3 tasty recipes to keep you active all day

Your activeness will depend on the food you take. The more protein and vitamin content your food has the more active you will stay. Keeping this in mind we are giving you some easy and healthy recipes to keep you active all through the day. Here we go with recipes to keep you active.

1) Spinach Polenta Cake recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    120 grams of polenta

•    40 grams of butter

•    360 grams of vegetable stock

•    160 grams of button mushroom

•    400 grams of red pepper

•    200 grams of Chinese spinach

•    20 grams of cheese

•    60 grams of Garlic

•    5 grams of pepper

•    50 grams of asparagus

•     5 grams of salt

Preparation method:

•    Boil water at the beginning. Once the water reaches boiling point keep adding polenta. Boil till it is boiled well

•    Once polenta is boiled pour it on wooden cutting board

•    Boil Chinese spinach and grind it well

•    Divide polenta in two equal halves and add Chinese spinach to one-half

•    Place the polenta mixed with Chinese spinach in a cup and top it with another half of polenta

•    Cut asparagus and mushrooms and place them aside

•    Fry red pepper mildly and make it into paste

•     Garnish polenta with butter

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2) Millet semolina recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    1 onion

•    100 grams of jowar

•    3 green chilies

•    2 teaspoons of olive oil

•    1 inch ginger piece

•    Required amount of curry leaves

•    1 teaspoon of mustard seeds

•    2 teaspoons of black gram

•    Required amount of salt

•    Water 3 times more than the jowar quantity

Preparation method:

•    Fry jowar mildly on low flames

•    Cut green chilies, onion, and ginger

•    Take a saucepan and heat oil. Add onion and green chili pieces

•    Also heat black gram, curry leaves, ginger, and mustard seeds

•    Once these ingredients are fried mildly add jowar and fry it for 2 to 3 minutes

•    Boil water separately and add jowar to water

•    Boil on low flame by placing lid till the water is absorbed

3) Broccoli semolina recipe:

Ingredients needed:

•    100 grams of semolina

•    Mustard seeds, Bengal gram and black gram (all the three in 5 grams each)

•    20 milliliters of oil

•    2 green chilies (cut them vertically)

•    Required amount of curry leaves

•    20 grams of ginger paste

•    30 grams of onion paste

•    10 grams of coriander leaves paste

•    50 grams of broccoli flower

•    Required amount of salt

Preparation method:

•    Soak semolina in water for 2 hours

•    Take oil in a pan and heat it. Add mustard seeds

•    Once mustard seeds become fried mildly add black gram and Bengal gram. Keep stirring them

•    Also add curry leaves and green chilies and fry for some time

•    Next add ginger and onion paste and fry for 3 minutes

•    Remove water from semolina and pour it into pan. Mix all of them well and add required amount of water and salt

•    Keep stirring and also add broccoli and coriander.

•    Once water gets evaporated the dish is ready.

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