3 search engines other than Google

The one word that comes to our mind when we think of ‘’SEARCH’’ in internet is ‘’Google’’. The other search engines apart from Google that we commonly remember are ‘’Yahoo’’ and ‘’Bing’’. But these three are not only the search engines that are available to search our required information. There are also some other search engines that equally help us like the above mentioned three. Here are some other internet search engines other than Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The below is the search engines list….

1) Natural Language Search:

Most of the search engines provide us the facility to search for the required information based on the keywords given but when your search keyword is in the form of question. Try Ask.Com, this search engine is highly useful to understand the question in quick time and will show the information in the form of answers. Say for e.g. your question is-‘How large is a Whale? Natural Language Search will display the answer as-‘The whale is nearly 100 feet in length and weighs about 200 tons.’

2) Social Search:

To search websites is easy but the content we use differs with blogs, Twitter, and Facebook thereby making search difficult.  To make this easy try Icerocket.com, just type the relevant keyword in the search option bar and click on any of the options such as Facebook, Twitter or Blogs and if you wish to search in all the three, click on ‘’Search all’’ option.

3) Tineye.com:

The one word that comes to our mind when we wish to search photos is Google, followed by Yahoo and Bing. But this time when you need to search an image try Tineye.com, which is a reverse image search engine. The search does not require you to type keyword; all you need to do is upload the photo that you want to search. Let us take for instance you want to search a photo…what you do is you upload that specific photo or that specific web link. Once uploading is done the information will reach the server and the search engine gives us all the information about that photo using identification technology. Apart from giving us the information about the photo’s origin it also provides us other relevant information such as-modified versions of the photo and displays those versions too. This photo search engine is also fit enough to find and display the images that are in high resolution version. Using this search engine option we can search nearly more than 700 crores photos. Apart from photo search it also gives song lyrics and suggests on which channel can be subscribed.

So the above are the search engine tools which you can use to give Google some rest…!

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