3 quick gravy recipes to save your time

We shall give you some easy, tasty and also healthy gravy recipes that you can try. They also can be made very easily. Here we go with simple gravy recipes.

1) Tomato gravy:

Ingredients needed:

•    2 tomatoes (cut into pieces)

•    4 onions (cut into pieces)

•    1 cup of tomato pulp

•    Cumin seeds-1/2 teaspoon

•    3 tablespoons of oil

•    1 teaspoon of ginger paste

•    Required amount of salt

•    1 teaspoon of chili powder

•    Pinch of turmeric powder

•    1 teaspoon of spice mix

•    One and half spoon of coriander seeds powder

Preparation method:

•    Take oil in pan and heat it

•    Once the oil is heated add onions and cumin seeds and fry them mildly

•    Add ginger paste and turmeric powder to it and mix them well

•    Next add tomato pieces and immediately add tomato pulp and mix them well

•    Add coriander seeds powder, chili powder and spice mix

•    Boil till oil starts floating on the surface and it is ready

Store it in a bottle and cap it tightly.

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2) Spinach gravy:

Ingredients needed:

•    2 teaspoons of coconut grate

•    Garlic paste- 4 teaspoons

•    Cashew nuts powder in 2 teaspoons

•    7 green chilies (cut them into pieces)

•    2 inches ginger piece

Grind all the above said material well into paste

Other ingredients needed:

•    3/4th cup of yogurt

•    3 tablespoons of oil

•    4 cups of cut spinach

•    Required amount of salt

•    1 teaspoon of sugar

Preparation method:

•    Take oil in a pan and heat

•    Once the oil starts heating add the paste and fry for 3 minutes

•    Now add yogurt and boil for few more minutes on low flame

•    Add spinach, sugar and salt and boil for 2 minutes

•    Remove from stove and cool it

Once it is cooled, store it in a bottle with the cap closed tightly.

3) Brown onion gravy:

Ingredients needed:

•    6 onions (cut into pieces)

•    Required amount of oil to fry the things

•    One and half spoon of garlic paste

•    1 teaspoon of ginger paste

•    Bay leaves -2

•    3 Elaichis

•    1-inch cinnamon

•    3 cloves

•    5 peppers

•    1 teaspoon Spice powder

•    2 teaspoons of cream

•    2 tablespoons of cashew nut paste

•    Required amount of salt for taste

Preparation method:

•    Fry the onion pieces in oil till they turn brown

•    Cool them and make paste

•    Add garlic and ginger paste and fry mildly

•    Next add onion paste and cashew nut paste and fry

•    Add little water and keep stirring

•    Finally add cream and spice powder and take from the stove.

Allow it to cool and store in a bottle.

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