3 high paying jobs in near future

Does your education suit future employment trends? Does it befit future job trends? Are you on par with future career trends? If not then it’s time to revamp your courses. Remember one thing on any given point of day your education should meet the jobs in demand. Here are the future jobs that will be in demand along with high pays.


Coding will always be a super power with huge demand and payouts. And one more advantage with this is that it does not ask you to be a coder by birth, all you need is to have a passion to be a coder. Irrespective of the industry you are into, as a coder you will have lot many doors open to boost up your career. As the hurdles to enter into the technology field continue to drop, everyone has a chance to enter into the world of coding and starting a career. You have the chance of becoming a tech assistant and help organizations in their endeavor with technology knowledge that you have acquired or you can start up your own enterprise and become a boss to many in no time. Even now, coding is one field in the industry of technology that is being paid maximum. In addition to monetary perks you also have a chance of making a difference to lives of people.  Websites and apps will be world’s future and so the future is always bright for coding field.


Statisticians make use of mathematical methods to study and construe data and come to conclusions. They give decisive guidance to determine which information to depend on and what predictions to trust. They make use of the data to crack problems in many varied fields and relate statistical and mathematical knowledge to economics, social, ecological, political and medical problems. Employment chances are present in a many fields thereby statisticians have professional elasticity; stimulating opportunities; and challenging, lucrative and rewarding careers. These are the people needed in many of the fields like agriculture, computer science, census, finance, economics, marketing, governmental work, law and so on. As a professional statistician you have the option of being an economist, business analyst, data analyst, mathematician, economist, quality analyst and risk analyst. According to researches US alone will need 140,000 to 190,000 statisticians by 2018.


Economics studies the process of production and circulation of goods, natural resources and services. Many economists get specialized in some particular field of economics like financial, political and environmental economics. Some prefer to choose monetary policy, international oil trade, or world financial markets. As per records most of the economics students get employment after graduation within six months of course completion. The job fields are also many for them that include banking, tax advice, accountancy, insurance, actuarial work and trading.

Even law and technology studies area also subjects that will have high demand in near future.

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