3 easy homemade spa ideas: Spa experience right in your home

All are not blessed to spend huge amounts on exotic spa treatments regularly as this is not only heavy on purse but also involves much time.

But involving in spa therapies is also needed for better mind and body; then what are the other ways to get them in low budget and also on quick time. Here we have sorted out some easy and simple home spa treatments that one can easily do without much spending. The other added advantage is that one can do these easy spa treatments at home in their free time.

The following are some spa treatments in home you can do with little care.


Getting manicured at a spa not only revitalizes the nails but also brings perfectness to otherwise shabby nails. But the only one disadvantage is it involves huge money but unfortunately we cannot let off manicure as it is just unavoidable for proper health of the nails. When this is the case why not learn manicure to do it by yourselves, this will save your money and also give you perfect nails.

How to do?

Cleanse the using lukewarm water. Remove existing nail polish on nails. Exfoliate using a scrub to get rid of the dead skin, wash the hands and allow them to dry well. In addition you should also file the nails to get the perfect shape and length of your choice. Soak the hands again in lukewarm water before coating cuticle oil. Make use a supple tip cuticle pusher to carry on the processor. Once you have done this apply moisturizer and polish the nails with your favorite nail polish.

Chocolate facial mask:

This facial mask perfectly suits normal skin, the chocolate facial mask leaves behind soft, smooth and silky face. The honey and cream present in it, restores the moisture of the skin, while the oatmeal removes dead skin cells from the skin.

How to prepare?

Take a 1/3 cup of cocoa and add three tablespoons of heavy cheese in it. Now mix 1/4 cup of honey and two teaspoons of cottage cheese to cocoa and heavy cheese. One can as well add almond dust if preferred. Mix all the ingredients well. Use this mask and apply on the face evenly, leave it as such for 15 minutes and clean it off using lukewarm water to get dazzling face.


Aromatherapy is a process that uses the properties of essential oils to heal. Essential oils are known to de stress and also cure many kinds of infections. Treasure series of scents at home and use these essential oils to get glowing skin naturally and also at much a lesser rate.

How to prepare?

Any kind of aromatherapy baths has 2 parts of baking soda, 1 part of Epsom salt and 1 part of sea salt. Blend them well in a water container or tub, and drop a few drops of oil scents of your choice. Soaking in the scented water or bathing with scented water will give perfect skin.

Papaya spa skin refresher is also one way to get glowing skin, blend half a papaya and place it in a steam machine, now allow your face to receive the steam for five minutes to get perfect skin.

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