3 compulsory herbs to have in your garden

If you have an idea to grow a garden and also go green along with an idea to eat organic then planting some kind of food plants that are commonly used with food items would be the best thing. Doing so you are having three benefits in a single go:

You will live in greenery.

You will eat organic.

You will even save your money.

So keeping this in mind we shall now see what are the kitchen plants you need to grow in your garden to get the above three benefits.

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This is the widely used herb in almost all the food items and so is one of the essential herbs to grow in garden. It not only gives taste to food but also assists in easier digestion. It even gives aroma to the food. So it should definitely find a place in your garden. All you need to grow it is to just sow coriander seeds in soil or some pot. These seeds will start growing right from the day of sowing. Such quick is the growth time of this tiny plant. Keep watering them every alternative day. But water little. Prefer sprinkling water. These are very sensitive and so if you water them using a pipe chances are that they may come out of the soil and eventually die.

Not only digestion coriander is also useful in treating many other problems such as diarrhea, skin problems, cholesterol, mouth ulcers, and anemia and indigestion problems. It even fights pain and inflammation. So if you are suffering from any kind of pain eat coriander in much quantity. Keep making pickles using this. It is also rich in iron.

Holy basil:

The next important plant and one of the best plants to grow in garden is holy basil. It belongs to the mint family and there are lot many varieties such as lemon, clove, opal, anise, and cinnamon basil. Each one of the plant has different uses and comes with a different aroma. In general all the varieties have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties.

The health uses of holy basil are no less. Beginning with fighting throat infections to fevers, they are really boon to mankind. They have high value in Ayurveda treatment process. These are also rich in fiber content and so they fight indigestion well.


Did you ever know that by just taking two teaspoons of mint leaves you will get the whole vitamin A content needed by the body for a day? Don’t ignore this fact and grow the mint plant without fail. These need very little space and within the little space they will grow in full length. Mint is also highly useful in giving taste and aroma to foods. It fights bad breath and it can be used to make tasty drinks.

Have these above four plants in your garden and go organically healthy!

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