2015: Can we call it a year of TECHNOLOGY?

2014 has been fabulous year for technology advancement. This was all true more importantly for mobiles, wearable gadgets and also for enhanced surfing tools. Now what can we expect from 2015. Might be you are more interested than the technology makers to know about the gadgets and technology devices that will hit the market. Here are the technology devices and latest tech gadgets of 2015 that you can expect to see this year.

1) HBO streaming service:

HBO is all set to launch its streaming video service in 2015. Users can make use of this video streaming service even without going for cable or satellite subscription.

2) Windows 10:

The tech giant seems to mark its presence in 2015 too. It is planning to launch Windows 10, an OS around the last months of this year.

3) Apple Watch: 

This has been the most sought after wearable gadget that has been in news in the year 2014 due to two reasons: Its specifications and the maker: Apple. Apple watch, which is expected to mark new heights in the field of smart technology gadgets, is all set to hit the stores for you in the first months of this year.

4) 12.2 Inch iPad:

The other gadget which we all of us wished to see in stores as soon as possible is again from Apple. The technology innovator is also on its way to release a 12.2 Inch iPad around this year itself.

5) Oculus Rift:

This gadget is all set to bring in new trend in the field of virtual reality headsets. Oculus Rift is also expected to release in this year, but the month and date are not yet confirmed.

6) Samsung flexible phone:

Samsung, the South Korean multinational company which has drastically come down in the mobile share in the last year is expecting to recapture the lost market with its new flexible smart mobile which is all set to hit the markets this year. The new feature for this yet to be released smartphone from Samsung will allow the users to bend the display, thereby making it the unique phone that is flexible and foldable.

7) Amazon Echo:

This is a voice command equipment from Amazon as Siri is for Apple. For sure the company is expecting to release it in this year, though the exact date is not yet confirmed.

8) Oppo r5:

This is the second slimmest phone across the globe from the Chinese phone maker and is already available for pre-order bookings in the markets starting from 1st Jan of this year in some countries.

So aren’t they gadgets of your kind……and aren’t you wishing to see them as soon as that. Don’t worry even the makers are keen to release them in no time.

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