18 health benefits of eating coriander

Adding coriander to recipes will make them tasty…this is known by all of us…..but do you know that coriander apart from giving taste will also give many health benefits. Read to know the health benefits of coriander…..

1) Coriander is highly effective in treating stomach and digestion related problems.

2) It assists in easy digestion by releasing digestive enzymes. It also reduces the secretion of alkalis and acids and keeps inflammation and acidity at bay.

3) It even acts as neutralizer and saves the body from harmful effects of poisonous material present in the food we take.

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4) It is also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial in nature, as such it can help the body to resist small infections.

5) It even has the tendency of preserving food materials.

6) The enzymes present in it act as sex stimulators and increase the libido rate.

7) Coriander leaves have a major role in obstructing the formation of gas in digestive system and as such they save from acid refluxes.

8) One of the coriander herb benefits is it plays a key role in protecting the health of the kidney by assisting in free urination.

9) Not only is adding coriander in food items is healthy it is also equally healthy when taken as juice. Drinking coriander juice will give the body much needed vitamin A, B-1, B-2 and C.

10) People suffering from anemia can easily cure it by having coriander as it is high in iron amounts.

11)  It is a good antioxidant as it is rich in flavonoids, a kind of phytochemicals. So take more of coriander if you wish to increase the immunity naturally.

12)  Coriander can also be used to make tea. Drinking tea made of coriander will reduce many kinds of lipids along with reducing cholesterol.

13)  It is highly effective in curing hormonal imbalances, more importantly in women.

14)  Coriander oil is highly effective in treating bad breath.

15)  Coriander oil is high in fragrance and as such it is used to make natural scents. This oil is also used in making certain kinds of alcohols such as gin.

16)  The uses of coriander as far as making dishes is concerned needs no explanation, it is used in making different kinds of drinks, dishes, curries, salads, soups and also pickles.

17)  This also one herb that is highly used to garnish food stuff.

18)  It is high in fiber content, so use it for healthy digestion.

So isn’t it a useful herb that not only gives taste but also benefits health, use it in leaps and bounds both for health and taste. It has been an important edible herb in Mediterranean dishes since ages. The fresh leaves and seeds can also be used to spice up the dishes. It has all the needed proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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